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The Correct Way to Use a Hair Brush

Our guide on the right way to use a hair brush to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Brushing your hair is crucial to your hair’s health. Brushing daily helps keep your scalp clean, keeps your hair shiny, and keeps your

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How to Naturally Achieve Eyelash Growth

Our best tips on how to naturally stimulate and maintain Eyelash Growth, without damaging your lashes. Let’s face it, we all want fuller, fierce lashes. However, just like our skin and our lips, they require lots of attention, and they deserve

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Is Rosehip the Secret to Beautiful Model-like Skin

World renowned models religiously include rosehip oil as part of their everyday skincare regime. Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by rosehip oil and credits it with giving her skin its trademark rosy glow. She puts it on at night and wakes

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Rosehip Oil for Health and Beauty

After a rose sheds its petals, it’s left with a tiny “fruit” called the hip of the rose, from which Rosehip oil is extracted, and how the name rosehip originated. Next time you see a rose no longer in bloom,

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Dead Sea Mud Mask—Nature’s Blessing

What’s in Dead Sea Mud? Dead Sea Mud contains high levels of the essential minerals calcium, boron, potassium, magnesium, iron and strontium. In the combination found in Dead Sea mud, these minerals promote healthy cell production—restoring and reviving your skin every

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How Aloe Vera Gel Works

Ancient Egyptians named the Aloe Vera plant the Plant of Immortality, and while this amazing plant may not actually have the power to help you live forever, it does have other incredible properties that can help you lead a healthy

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Getting Started with Natural Skincare

Many women are making the switch to natural skincare. As information continues to mount about the potential dangers of chemical ingredients in skincare products, women are choosing to take control over their health and beauty by turning to natural alternatives.

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How to Use Lavender Oil for Your Home

Lavender is a most useful and versatile essential oils. It’s known for its calming properties and is gentle enough to use for children and babies. Learning more about lavender essential oils can help you get the most from this soothing

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