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Should You Buy an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Have you found yourself at a fork in the road over whether or not you should purchase an essential oil diffuser? Keep reading to find out why investing in a diffuser is one step closer to rebooting your health and

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Bergamot Essential Oil for Your Body and Mind

Bergamot is a popular essential oil that is found in many high-end commercial perfumes and colognes, and it is used in hair care, bath and body products. Though its scent alone makes it a popular and sought-after oil, we would be

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Benefits and Uses of Grapefruit Essential Oil

You can’t mistake the sweet, awakening scent of grapefruit. Its freshness and energy enhancing qualities are present from that very first sniff. For this reason, grapefruit essential oil is often used in products such as lotions, shampoos, body washes, and

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8 Benefits of Cinnamon That You May Not Know

Cinnamon is delicious in all your cooked and baked goods, but did you know that cinnamon can do more than simply flavor your apple pie and sticky buns? For thousands of years, cinnamon essential oil has been a key medicinal

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Hidden Benefits of Lemon and Lemon Oil

The lemon is both a delicious fruit and a healing medication. We add lemons to our water, not only for their fragrance and taste, but also for their vitamin rich nutrients. However, did you know that lemons can also soothe

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Top 5 Home Fragrance Devices to Keep Your House Smelling Good and Welcoming

One of the most overlooked aspects of home care and interior design is smell. Of course, you probably clean up before guests arrive at your home. You vacuum, dust, wipe off the counters. You probably make sure that scattered magazines

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Face Cream Vs. Essential Oils: The Best Ways to Slow Signs of Aging

People are always looking for ways they can slow down the signs of aging. While we cannot stop aging, we can slow it down and sometimes, with the right product, we can even reverse some of the damage that age

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Eczema Exposed: Myths and Essential Oils

If you have dry patches of skin that itch, blister, or turn red, then you might have eczema. Eczema can be an unsightly and irritating skin condition — and it often appears at the worst times and in the worst

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