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Top 5 Most Brunch Worthy Spots in LA

Brunch is a fabulous time of the day where you are able to explore delicious breakfast food, tasty drinks and enjoy great company! Often times, you may find yourself feeling stuffed and lazy after a nice, big brunch. Our Rollerball Collection

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Bergamot Essential Oil for Your Body and Mind

Bergamot is a popular essential oil that is found in many high-end commercial perfumes and colognes, and it is used in hair care, bath and body products. Though its scent alone makes it a popular and sought-after oil, we would be

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How to Get Those Surfer Girl Waves Even If You Don't Surf

When it comes to beach-chic, surfer girls are basically it. The epitome of cool, they are the golden goddesses on the sand. Some of it’s their killer tan — you spend that many hours in the sun, how could you

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Men and Aging

The Skinny on Men’s Skin Don’t want to look like the Mummy? Some simple solutions. “The same three daily steps apply to both men’s and women’s skincare: Clean, Tone, and Moisturize.”   By Janis Hashe   “Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.” — Usually

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Foods Men Love

Healthy eating is easier than you think “Gradually adding healthy foods to your regular diet is much more successful for most men than going cold turkey on the fries and corndogs.” By Janis Hashe   First, the bad news: Those SuperSized Triple Bacon Cheeseburgers

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Healthy and Attractive Feet for Life!

Many of us only think about the appearance of our feet, but don’t think about the twenty-six bones and thirty-three joints that make each of our feet such a complex part of our musculoskeletal system. However, practicing good foot health and

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Hair Care Highlights: Which Type of Brush Is Best for You?

Hair brushes are much more than mere aesthetic tools, even though most people believe they are only meant for styling hair. In fact, brushing regularly has the potential to substantially improve the health, flexibility, and longevity of your hair, but

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Guide to Care for Your Eyelashes

Considering that your eyes are often called the windows to your soul, it’s not surprising that people have been seeking ways to enhance their beauty since the first flirty wink was delivered eons ago in the Garden of Eden. Eyelashes

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