The Best Essential Oils to Create a Relaxing, Zen, Spa-like Atmosphere in Your Home

The Best Essential Oils to Create a Relaxing, Zen, Spa-like Atmosphere in Your Home

There has never been a better time to make your home a sanctuary from all the uncertainty of the world. A serene home atmosphere is essential to a healthy and mindful lifestyle, and essential oils can help you achieve this zen, spa-like atmosphere right in your home. Essential oils can serve many purposes, including cleaning, skin and hair care, and providing a relaxing scent. It can become overwhelming when looking at the wide variety of essential oils out there, so we have narrowed it down to some of our favorites that we think you will find most beneficial to your life. 




This calming oil is very common and widely used in many homes. Lavender oil is great for stress relief and can help ease you from a busy day into a peaceful night of sleep. Add a few drops to your artnaturals essential oil diffuser to create a peaceful zen environment. Additionally, you can add a few drops to a spray bottle and spray your bed linens for a peaceful sleep. For a really relaxing evening add a few drops to some Epsom salts and create a spa-like bath in your own home. 




This oil is great for freshening up any room. Additionally, this oil is antimicrobial, and just a few drops can make a great addition to most household cleaning supplies.  




This powerful citrus oil is a great one to have around the house. When diffused this oil can help kill nasty odors and lift your mood. Add a few drops to your dish soap to help cut through grease leaving dishes squeaky clean. This oil can also help remove gunk from sticky surfaces, such as gum, old stickers, or syrup.




Peppermint oil has many uses that can help relieve stress and increase energy. The cool, stimulating, minty aroma of peppermint helps to reduce fatigue and uplift the mind. Used in a carrier oil, peppermint can help ease achy muscles and joints.


Tea Tree


A refreshing essential oil known to target blemishes, stuffiness, and fatigue, you can find tea tree oil mixed into many artnaturals hair and skincare products. It can additionally be added to household cleaners for a fresh tingling scent. The invigorating and sharp aroma from tea tree oil will help awaken your senses as its germ-fighting properties kill harmful blemish-causing germs.


Sweet Orange


Sweet Orange is a natural remedy for soothing emotions and stress. When used for aromatherapy, it uplifts the mood and provides the room with sparkling positivity. Not only is this one of the best smelling oils out there, but it also has many other uses as well. It can be applied to household cleaners, providing a clean and citrusy scent and shine!




This warm aromatic oil can boost energy, improve mood, and ease stress. Cinnamon oil has powerful antibacterial properties that can help repel germs and clean the air when used in a diffuser.


Signature Zen


This is a blend specially formulated by artnaturals. This blend is ideal for anyone seeking to decrease stress, nervous tension, anxiety, and anger. A blend aimed to provide you with serenity and tranquility, Signature Zen was our very first custom-made aromatherapy blend.


Signature Chi


Another signature blend from artnaturals, this blend of herbal and zesty essential oils perfect for balancing emotions. Add a few drops to a diffuser to center the energy in the room and provide the mind and body with positivity and tranquility.


We hope that this list made your search for the perfect aroma just a bit easier. All these oils (and many more) can be found in our online store. Pick and choose them individually, or go all out with a set of them all! Make sure to get a diffuser while you’re at it, and your home will be transformed into a relaxing spa in no time!

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