The best naturals gifts for every personality on your list

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    The best naturals gifts for every personality on your list

    Gearing up for your favorite holiday sales? Can’t wait to get your hands on some hot deals with cool prices? We hear you. Let us help you crush your sales shopping goals and knock out your holiday gift list at the same time. Here are our top natural gift picks for every personality on your list.

    females open office

    Competitive Coworker

    Trying to find a great gift for your office pal who always wants what you’ve got? You know the FOMO friend we’re talking about. She’s the one who’s always eyeing your hair, your boyfriend, your wardrobe, pretty much your whole vibe. Why not gift her with a taste of your great taste? You may not be besties, but your personal office areas can be twinsies with our cool wood BOGO diffuser & essential oil deal. One for you and a free one for her. You can even diffuse the same natural scents to add a mist of soothing aromatherapy to your coworking space. It’s a twin win!

    girl in the snow

    Beautiful BBF

    On the surface, it may seem like your flawless friend is the easiest one to shop for. She looks great every day in everything. Seriously, why are you even friends? Because she’s as beautiful inside as she is outside, and she always has your back. Truth. But don’t kid yourself, perfection can be tricky. Stunning skin takes a lot of work, no matter how easy she makes it look. So what to buy for the woman who rocks perfection? How about a Fresh face skin care kit that keeps her fresh look going with a few rosy skin care secrets packed inside. Done.

    girl who looks worried

    Frazzled friend

    For your frazzled friend who craves calm like you crave coffee, what she really needs is the gift of soothing serenity. That could mean a day spent in nature with cell phones turned off, or it could mean helping her create her own peaceful retreat at home. We’ve got the perfect solution. Gift your overstressed friend with her own personal sanctuary in the form of an essential oil diffuser that lets her plug in some spa music and be soothed by an ever-changing colored light display, while the scent of serenity envelops her. Our Diffuser with oils is her ticket to stress relief and a more chill vibe. Peace out.

    girl in the snow with baby shoes


    Whether she’s a mommy-to-be or a mommy-and-me, your baby mama friend is probably totally focused only on her baby. She could probably use a TLC herself. So wouldn’t it be great to get her a soothing, self-care gift that helps both her and her baby relax naturally? We’ve got a serene sound machine that doubles as a baby safe diffuser. So your mommy friend can surround herself and her baby with soothing nature sounds and sleep-inducing scents. A happy baby = a happy mom. And happy moms know that sleep is a luxury, peace is a dream, but scent is divine. Yeah, baby!

    girl with in a fall field during sunset

    Tress obsessed

    You know the friend that’s been rocking the same long, gorgeous head of hair since Middle School? In fact she’s never, ever cut it since you’ve known her. Hair trends may come and go, but your Rapunzel gal pal will always wear her long hair down. It’s her signature style. She craves hair care like you crave fresh air. So what could be a more perfect gift to celebrate her naturally luscious locks than a bundle of hair care goodies designed to keep her strands smooth, silky and selfie-ready. Work it!