The Difference Between Eye Gel and Eye Cream

The Difference Between Eye Gel and Eye Cream

The thin, delicate skin surrounding the eyes demands a little extra attention. While the skin care market is saturated with products that promise to completely revamp the appearance of the skin surrounding your eyes, it’s important to understand the key differences between their two most common products: eye gels and eye creams.


Eye Creams


An eye cream is a rich emulsion that cushions the skin with deep hydration. These formulas are typically dense and enriched with oil and other nourishing ingredients that sink in deeply to drench the area with moisture. This moisturizing action plumps up the area, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to replenish tired looking skin.


What Can it Do?


Eye creams are great products for dry skin in particular because they tighten and soothe irritated areas. They’re especially effective when used at night—these are the key hours that your skin works overtime to restore and to heal your skin. Eye creams work well on their own, but may require some time to settle into the skin when they are worn beneath makeup. If moisturizing the skin around your eyes is your main concern, then an eye cream is the smart choice.


Eye Gels


Eye gels, on the other hand, are of a lighter weight, yet still provide the kind of powerful results that creams provide. They’re typically formulated with non-oily ingredients that are suspended in water, and are designed to combat puffiness and aging skin. Eye gels are especially well suited for those who have oily skin, because they don’t weigh that delicate area down with unnecessary fats. They’re also ideal for wearing during the daytime because they are less likely to sweat off in the sunlight. And they also wear beautifully underneath makeup — they settle into the skin quicker than malleable creams, and don’t leave behind a greasy or oily finish.


How Does it Work?


For those who are mainly concerned with eyes that appear tired or puffy, an eye gel is the perfect solution. Eye gels don’t add volume to the skin, but instead produce a cooling effect that is highly soothing to puffy skin. They absorb very quickly. But don’t be fooled into thinking this means they don’t hydrate the skin. In fact, they are veritable nutrition powerhouses for that sensitive eye skin. Gels can reverse prominent signs of aging and tiredness and can improve circulation in the area surrounding the eye — an area that desperately needs it.


Why You Need an Eye Care Product?


What makes each of these eye products different from your regular facial moisturizer? The difference can be found in the list of active ingredients. Natural ingredients are always ideal for choice eye care products because they provide a less possibility of irritation. Since the skin around the eyes is more fragile, it is naturally more susceptible to initial signs of aging, morning puffiness, and those dark circles that tell the world that you’ve had a night of less-than-optimal sleep. Basically, the skin around the eyes is more susceptible to all those signs of aging that we desperately try to avoid.


Natural movements, such as squinting, also contribute to the aging of the skin. And it’s certainly not unusual for even the most careful among us to rub at those tired peepers throughout the day. These very common and natural occurrences can take their toll on the skin around the eyes, and before you know it, you’re wishing for a magical potion to erase it all in one fell swoop.


While there is no such thing as a product that can effectively erase time in a single application, there are eye emulsions formulated so that, over time, they can make an astounding difference. That’s why it’s so critical to remain a devoted user of your eye cream or eye gel every single day. These products have key ingredients that target common problems, including premature aging and tiredness, while promoting overall healthier skin. They can even help to prevent future problems from arising.


What to Use, and When to Use


Deciding which product to use may be confusing, particularly because there are so many different products. It’s helpful to take a few factors into account when choosing the right product. Consider your age, keeping in mind that the skin around your eyes ages about 10 times faster than the rest of your face. It’s an area that, compared to the rest your body’s skin, lacks collagen, which is the key to plump, youthful-looking skin. So the sooner you start using an eye care product, the better. Ideally, you’ll add a product to your regimen in your 20s, a time in your life when prevention is key.


Then, consider the way the area around your eyes looks. Is its skin especially dry? A hydrating eye cream such as our new LUXE eye cream formulated with jojoba oil can help. Is puffiness your foe? Massaging in a moistuizer like our classic Youth Eye Gel could be just what you need. As you grow older, your skin’s needs will change, and so too will your eye care product preferences. Hyperpigmentation and dark circles become more common as you age. And those fine lines tend also to become more prominent as you age.


Focusing on natural ingredients, in addition to choosing the right formula, can make an enormous difference in how the area around your eyes looks over time. With regular use of an eye gel or an eye cream, you can enjoy healthy-looking skin that belies your age.

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