Top 5 Activated Charcoal Beauty Products

Top 5 Activated Charcoal Beauty Products


"Charcoal is such a great anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc," says SkinOwl founder Annie Tevelin. "There is a reason why charcoal is having a moment- it absolutely works." Activated charcoal chemically attracts toxins and poisons in your body. As a result, this causes charcoal to bind (like a magnet) to toxins and escort them out of your body. It’s no wonder that beauty brands have begun incorporating charcoal into soaps, face wash, masks and moisturizers.


SkinOwl Charcoal Beauty Bar



Charcoal plays a great role in dental hygiene. Charcoal has the ability to ward off bad breath, increase the strength of the teeth and whiten teeth simultaneously. Charcoal binds to tannins, tooth-staining compounds that build up on our teeth from beverages like tea and wines, and removes them from the teeth. It also provides pain relief from toothaches, gingival diseases, canker sores and dental infections.


artnaturals Activated Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitener



Charcoal has amazing detoxifying abilities that come in handy to fight odor and give your sweat glands a little deep cleaning! When charcoal is added to deodorant, it draws out toxins and bacteria and eliminates them from your underarms and your body!


Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Cold Pressed Rose Deodorant  




Nails are constantly exposed to environmental toxins and pollutants. Your nails are often one of the first indicators where you can directly see the effects of these toxins and pollutants. Strengthen your nail health and shield them from environmental toxins and pollutants by incorporating nail polish infused with charcoal.


Nails Inc Nail Polish Fuelled by Charcoal



Activated charcoal is a completely safe, odorless and tasteless substance when consumed. Charcoal is used to purify water, remove fluoride and also aids in detoxifying the body. It also has the ability to lessen the absorption of alcohol or food poisoning in the body.


Kreation Juice Charcoal Water 

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