Rise & Shine: Make the Most of Your Morning

Rise & Shine: Make the Most of Your Morning

Incorporating essential oils and other invigorating aromas into your wake up routine is a great place to start when you’re trying to wake up faster. If you’ve ever scrolled through social media on a Monday morning, you know that you’re not alone shuffling through the early hours not quite awake.

In an article for Forbes.com, fitness and nutrition contributor Jennifer Cohen asserts that some of the world’s most successful people wake up early, naming such influential people like Margaret Thatcher, Frank Lloyd Wright and Robert Iger as early risers. According to Ms. Cohen, there are 5 things super successful early birds do before most of us have wiped the sleep from our eyes.

While we’re still hitting snooze, these go-getters are exercising, mapping out their day, eating a healthy breakfast, visualizing their goals, and getting their most trying tasks out of the way. If you have trouble waking up fast, let alone waking up early, essential oils and few self-care tricks can help… even if you’re not a prime minister, genius architect, or Disney CEO.

Invigorating Essential Oils for Your Morning Workout

Essential oils are perfect for setting the mood in your space and helping you achieve your desired mindset. Just like the right music can really get you pumped up, essential oils can get you feeling positive and motivated too.  Frankincense oil creates an uplifting feeling that clears the mind, pine needle sets the mood for alertness. Tangerine oil bring a sense of joy. Think of this blend as the ultimate workout playlist for your nose.

Rise & Shine Diffuser Blend

3 drops tangerine essential oils

2 drops frankincense essential oils

2 drops pine needle essential oils

Quick & Easy Shower Boosters

Adding a little boost to your shower can really help you perk up. A super simple way to wake up in the shower is adding essential oils to a towel or washcloth and putting it in the shower somewhere the water will hit. One of the most popular essential oils for diffusing in the shower is eucalyptus oil. As a natural decongestant, eucalyptus helps clear airways and encourages deep breathing.

Another way to help you wake up in the shower is using an invigorating coffee scrub. The intense aroma of coffee is enhanced and diffused by the steam of the shower (the same way it works with essential oils). Just the smell of coffee can actually wake you up, but using a coffee scrub has other benefits too.

In a healthy circulatory system your blood provides your organs with everything they need to maintain optimal energy levels. Using a body scrub in the shower is like giving yourself a mini-massage that helps your blood get flowing to help you wake up.

Essential Oils for Organizing & Visualizing Your Goals

Mapping out your day and visualizing your goals can also help you tackle the last item on Ms. Cohen’s list for success: conquering your most difficult task first so it doesn’t loom over your entire day. After exercising and showering, is the perfect time to switch up the essential oils in your diffuser, sit down and plan your day.

The best essential oils for mental vitality and focus are all in the minty family. Peppermint essential oils, pine needle essential oils and eucalyptus essential oils are all known for their invigorating and stimulating aromas. You can blend them in your own custom mix, diffuse each one on their own, or try some of our favorite essential oil diffuser recipes for energy.

The Great Outdoors Diffuser Blend

3 drops pine needle essential oils

2 drops frankincense essential oils

2 drops lime essential oils

Sharp as a Tack Diffuser Blend

4 drops peppermint essential oils

3 drops lemon essential oils

Just Breathe Diffuser Blend

5 drops eucalyptus essential oils

3 drops lavender essential oils

2 drops tangerine essential oils

The Takeaway

Mornings don’t have to be wasted time, just going through the motions. Essential oils and a little self-care go a long way to making your mornings more productive. Waking up faster and taking the time to get yourself in a good frame of mind helps you plan out your day so you can be more effective and successful.

Refreshing essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and pine needle help you focus and attack the day. Frankincense and tangerine essential oils help lift your spirits and start your day with a positive outlook. Even something as simple as a good coffee scrub can give you a quick jolt in the shower.

However you decide to use essential oils to make the most of your mornings, we all deserve to face the day as our best selves. No matter how big or small our goals and dreams are, a little more energy and focus can help us on the road to success. Prime minister is probably out, but who knows, maybe you’re the next big CEO or genius just waiting to happen.


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