Why Millennials are Switching to Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Care

Why Millennials are Switching to Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Care

Millennials have started a movement toward favoring natural products over chemical-laden commercial brands. One such product millennials and others are learning to avoid is commercial shampoos. The public is beginning to realize the dangers associated with such shampoos. Those in the know, are choosing natural shampoos and shunning the chemical shampoos that have been popular for decades.

What’s So Bad About Commercial Shampoo?

The following information may shock you, but it’s better you be informed rather than continue using commercial shampoo, which does more harm than good.
Objective, third-party companies like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have done extensive research on behalf of the public, analyzing the ingredients of commercial products, including shampoo. The results are troubling. In just one bottle of common, brand name commercial shampoo, you can expect to find up to five toxic chemicals that you don’t want in your house, let alone coming in contact with you and your family’s hair and scalp.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium lauryl sulfate is often one of the first ingredients listed on commercial shampoo labels. This chemical is added to produce foaming and bubbles. The public associates bubbles with cleansing action, but SLS doesn’t clean your hair or anything else. SLS penetrates your skin and has been linked to dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and rashes. It can linger in your body for up to five days. If you shampoo daily with commercial shampoo, you likely have SLS in your bloodstream right now.


Parabens are proven to be estrogen disruptors. Parabens are known to cause breast cancer and reproductive organ toxicity. Like SLS, parabens penetrate your skin through your scalp and contaminate your body for days.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

PEG is identified as a toxin by the state of California, and is typically bound with the carcinogen ethylene oxide. PEG exposure can lead to systemic toxicity, which in turn can lead to a wide range of health issues.

These are just three examples of the toxic chemicals in commercial shampoo, and one reason why you aneed to stop using commercial shampoos.

What are the Alternatives to Commercial Shampoo?

In ancient times, people didn’t go to the shopping center to buy toxic shampoo. They used precious oils to cleanse their hair. It may sound odd to think that they used oil to cleanse the hair of oil, but physics tells us that like materials bind to one another, and that the best way to clean greasy hair is to apply oil to it. Past civilizations knew this to be true.
It can be a confusing and expensive prospect for today’s busy people to combine precious oils in ways that clean their hair and skin. Thankfully, companies sell natural skin moisturizers and natural shampoos that cleanse the hair and skin without adding harmful chemicals. Find a natural shampoo that works for you, and eliminate the hard work of caring for your hair in beneficial ways.

What are the Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil?

There’s a reason why millennials have turned to Moroccan argan oil for their natural shampoo of choice. With all the technology available today, millennials are the most discerning of consumers, and they’ve determined that Moroccan argan oil is the premium oil to be found in the best natural hair care products, including shampoos and conditioners.
Moroccan women, for millennia, have used argan oil as a natural moisturizer. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is essential in maintaining skin suppleness and elasticity. Argan oil also has high fatty acid content, which is absorbed into the skin and hair when argan oil is an ingredient in natural shampoos. Argan oil in natural shampoo and conditioners won’t leave your hair greasy. Use a natural shampoo that contains argan oil for any length of time, and you’ll notice your hair feels smoother to the touch. Even hair color-treated for many years will start to feel like your own natural hair. Gone will be the dry, brittle strands you’re used to after putting your hair through perms, straightening and coloring. Use a premium natural shampoo with argan oil. You’ll realize and feel your hair has never been in better condition.

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Will my Hair be Clean After Using a Natural Shampoo?

Natural shampoos don’t bubble and foam like chemical shampoos do. That’s because premium natural shampoos don’t contain sodium laurel sulfate. But just because you don’t have the bubbles, doesn’t mean your natural shampoo isn’t working. In fact, chemical shampoos often coat your hair strands with harsh chemicals that remain in your hair long after you’ve rinsed. With a premium natural shampoo with argan oil, your hair will be cleaner than it would be with commercial shampoo. You can also look forward to less frizz and split ends when you use premium natural shampoo with argan oil.
Follow the millennials’ lead and make the move to a natural shampoo and conditioner with argan oil. There's no reason to expose your locks to the kind of health damage caused by commercial shampoos.

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