Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Our in-house Yoga expert Kat Mills has shared three basic poses, for those who are interested in the practice, but may have not known where to start. We’ll share poses from Kat each week, until you can call yourself a Yogi/Yogini.

Easy Pose - The best way to start any meditation practice is with a comfortable seat! This simple pose eases up into the stillness of meditation. I highly recommend sitting on a cushion, so that the hips are higher than the knees. Find the sweet spot in the pelvis where the lower back maintains its natural curve and the spine is straight. Reach up through the crown of the head, close the eyes, and breathe.

Eagle Arms - This arm variation is taken from eagle pose or "Garudasana". Bring the arms out to a T and wrap one arm under the other (they may not double wrap). Press the palms together, away from the face and lift the elbows slightly. This is a wonderful shoulder and upper back opener!

Simple spinal twist - Sit upright, cross one arm to the opposite knee. Root down through the seat and sit up as straight as possible. Take a deep breath in through the nose, and gently twist on the exhale. With each inhale, lengthen the spine, with each exhale, twist a little deeper.

*Kat Mills is the owner of Wildstate Wellness which offers Workshops, Classes, and Retreats in Yoga, Meditation and Tea Ceremony.

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