September 29, 2016

By: Sally Rinehart

1) Incorporate Healthy Fats into Your Diet

Fat is bad you say? Actually, it’s not. Healthy fats can help your body regulate its digestive track and metabolism. Coconut oil, avocado, and nuts/seeds have been proven to be easier for your body to use as energy and digest than saturated fats.

2) Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Squeeze an entire lemon into a glass of water with breakfast. This will boost your energy levels, metabolism, and detoxify your liver. Detoxifying your liver helps your liver metabolize fat adequately so the excess doesn’t get kept around your waistline.

3) Add Ginger to Your Food

Ginger is an amazing antioxidant and calorie burner. Feel the burn when you eat it? Well this tasty spice also burns stubborn belly fat. Eat it on the side of any meal, add it to salad dressing or a glaze sure to make your meal a little tastier!

4) Sprinkle a Little Rosemary

A study done by The British Journal of Nutrition discovered that Rosemary actually reduces blood sugar levels and boosts your metabolism. Plus it adds a great seasoning to any meal; you can’t go wrong with that. Add during or after cooking, or infuse your olive oil and make a great bread dipping starter.

5) Add Some Cinnamon to Your Tea or Coffee

Cinnamon adds taste to your tea, but did you know it also helps regulate your blood sugar? Balanced blood sugar levels keep you full longer and will allow you to burn those unwanted extra inches on your waistline. Use green tea and get an extra boost to your metabolism. Now that’s what’s called working together!

6) Spice Up Your Life

That’s right! Spicy time! Just a little addition of spices like chili, cayenne or black pepper can curb your appetite and increase fat oxidation. The more burning you feel, the more your body is burning, calories that is. But don’t fret you don’t have to overdo it, a small amount goes a long way. Add some chili powder to your lemon water in the morning and get a detoxifying stomach fat burning recipe for success!

7) Refresh Your Liver with Peppermint

Peppermint stimulates breaking down fats and absorption of nutrients in the liver. It can be added to tea, food, and even dessert! Sure to help with that stubborn waistline, peppermint is oh so good for your liver. Keep your liver healthy and melt the fat away!

8) Add More Water

It’s that simple. You might think you are hungry, but you are really just dehydrated and thirsty! 8 glasses (16 fluid ounces of water) is the standard, but you can always drink more. Keep a water bottle nearby! Have a glass before and during each meal to feel full faster! This is the easiest way to kick stubborn belly fat that requires little work. Drink up, water is your friend.

9) Walk In Nature

Walking in nature is good for your soul and belly. Why? This is because cortisone, the dreaded stress hormone, may be getting in your way. How do you avoid it? Well stress isn’t easy to avoid, but walking in nature has been proven to get rid of nervous tension and reduce stress levels. Plus when you are enjoying the beauty of nature you won’t even notice that all the while you have been burning calories and stubborn belly fat.

10) Play With Your Pet

Animals need love, but also exercise. Your busy schedule may be keeping you from taking your pet out as much, but you can give yourself and your pet an at home exercise routine. Play with a toy or hide and seek around the house. Laugh and play, this will keep you and your pet in better shape and is sure to decrease your stress levels. Don’t have a pet? Go to the local animal shelter and give a lonely pet some fun!


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