5 Tips for the Best Home Yoga Practice

November 16, 2016

yoga practice


We all have our own load of weekly stresses and anxieties that we need to release. Although a nice glass of wine or a shot of tequila may be a quick fix, the better answer is to find a healthier habit that will not only put you at ease, but also strengthen your mind and body. Which is why most people turn to Yoga.

A great advantage of practicing yoga is that you don’t need crazy expensive equipment or a fancy studio to attend to practice. You can have your very own yoga practice in the comfort of your own home!

To help ease you into getting started, here are our 5 tips for the best home yoga practice to help you get started!


1. Find Your Space

The foundation to any great home yoga practice, is having a calm, serene location to practice. You want to find an open space in your home where you have enough room to lay down your mat and move your body. The space should be free of any distractions that hinder your relaxation, so that means no TV with your favorite Netflix shows playing in the background. This space should overall give you a sense of calm just by entering the room.


2. Set the Mood


yoga practice


Now that you have your designated yoga practice space, it’s time to set the mood for optimum relaxation and ease. Here is where you can get creative and showcase your style and flare; make the space your own sanctuary. Bring in your favorite incense or essential oils to diffuse your favorite calming aromas around the room. Light some candles and dim the lights. Play your favorite, soothing music in the background. Place your favorite mediation crystals around the room. Bring in anything that will help you reach your peak of relaxation so you can tune out the noise and focus on your body and mind.


3. Time to Sit

Once your space is set up it’s time to transition your active mind to a yoga practice ready mind. Always begin by sitting on your mat in the middle of your home yoga space and begin to breathe. Take about five minutes to just focus on your breathing. Deep breaths in and out. If focusing on your breathing isn’t enough to get you to focus, you can also use meditation beads and hold them in your hand, slowly moving them around. This physical movement can make it easier to calm your mind and train it to focus and clear itself of your inner thoughts.


4. Practice your Sequencing


yoga practice


Another great advantage of home yoga practice is that you can set up your own sequence. You don’t have to follow an instructor or do poses that may be too hard for you to hold that everyone else can hold with ease. In your own space, you dictate your poses that best suit your body. Start out with a routine that is easy to follow and then change it up throughout the month to push your body. If you ever run out of poses to try, look up a yoga video on YouTube or a yoga blog online. There are plenty of outlets to get yoga pose inspiration.


5. Be Consistent

When you schedule time for your home yoga practice, make sure it is the same time slot every day. If you have more time in the morning, do morning sessions. If you have more time at night, do night sessions after work or school. Keep it at a designated hour where your body and mind will get in the habit of it. This will make you more accountable to yourself for keeping up with your yoga sessions.


The objective overall is to dedicate a time and space for your mind and body to relax every day. Work life, school life, or even just being a parent takes a toll on your body and overwhelms the mind. In order to be more productive throughout the day and improve your mental and physical health, you need time to cancel out the excess noise in your head and focus on yourself. Relax, take a deep breath, and approach the day refreshed mentally and physically!

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