5 Ways to Detoxify Your Life

November 18, 2016


When you think of a detox, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Lemon water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup? Stomach aches for the time-span of your cleanse? Drinking yucky goop while cultivating the sensation of starvation? A detox doesn’t have to be death-ridden. In fact, you can toss out the idea of smooth-move teas and laxative juices. How we detoxify over here is more holistic. It involves strategies other than getting flat abs and clear skin (although those are nice little perks). We look at our lives as a whole and get rid of what is not working for us. Detoxifying your life is about improving the overall quality of your mind, body and spirit. So, let’s get to it.



The Way You Eat

Salty chips and sweet treats make you feel good for the moment, but as soon as you reach the bottom of the batch, it’s sick-central. Instead of the idea of being on a “diet”, think of this as adding in delicious healthy foods that up your energy and vitality. It can be as simple as eating a few more fruits and vegetables throughout the day, or drinking two more bottles of water. Foods that are high in antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, Flavonoids and Minerals help to rid the body of toxins and fight free radicals. Steer clear from alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and refined sugars.



The Way You Think

We can be our own worst enemy, judging ourselves or nitpicking in the mirror. Take note of all the negative things you think about and make a commitment to clearing them out. Begin with replacing self-defeating thoughts with uplifting affirmations. It takes time for your brain to adjust, because thinking is its job, but you can slowly build a practice of mindfulness, one thought at a time. Meditating is also a helpful tool to slow down and detox your negative thought pattern. Practice activities that stimulate imagination, inspiration and self-confidence.



The Way You Move

Exercise is one of the best tools to sweating out toxins and stimulating feel-good endorphins. Get rid of all the gunk by moving your body the best way that works for you. Whether that be a jog around the block, a dance class, a vigorous yoga routine, or a splash in the pool, getting your blood flowing and your heart pumping is imperative for your health.



The Company You Keep

They say you are the company you keep. Take a toll of all the toxic people you have around you and head for the dump truck if need be. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have integrity and values that align with yours. Your friends and family should uplift you and boost your confidence. If you are around people that belittle you, make you feel stressed, or constantly cause you worry or pain, it’s okay to let them go. This goes for social media too. Your timeline shouldn’t be a negative newsfeed. You are in charge of who you let into your space, so choose wisely.



The Space You Live

Detoxify your home and create space for the new. Do you have clothes in your closet that have been hanging there for years? Has your kitchen junk drawer transferred into the hall closet? Do you have broken furniture or appliances that you just never get around to replacing? How about a dusty floor, a gunky tub, or a pile of dishes? All of these things can clog up your energy flow. Get rid of what you don’t need, fix what has broken and clean up the mess. A cluttered space causes a cluttered mind. Let go and treat your space like a sanctuary.  

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