5 Ways to Start Loving Your Body

January 25, 2017


The most beautiful form of love that you can find is the love for yourself and your body. Take a moment to appreciate how amazing our bodies are. They are strong and capable of extraordinary things, and most of us take it for granted.

By loving your body, you are not only empowering yourself, but you are inspiring others to do the same. As cliché as it sounds, your body is your temple, and you should treat it as such. Make it your new goal to love your body more, and everything else in your life will fall into place. Because love from within, makes you more capable of giving love to those around you.

To get started, here are 5 ways to start loving your body:


1. Get Your Body Healthy

Health isn’t about the number on the scale of the size of your jeans. It is about nourishing your body and feeling good. That means stop focusing on being bikini ready and start focusing on how good your body feels. Eat healthy not only to lose weight but to ditch the post fast food groggy feeling. Exercise to make your body stronger, not to get the perfect abs. Strive to reduce stress and anxiety by walking more, sweating more, meditating more, anything that will put your body at ease. Your appearance does not determine your health. A model on the cover of a magazine can still be skinny and unhealthy. When you put your health first, all that pressure of being perfect and looking perfect will go out the window. Detox to feel good, not look good. There is a big difference.


2. Change Your Role Models


Your role models should be measured by people who inspire you mentally and physically, not just by how good they look in a two piece. We are constantly bombarded by the idea of perfection and women with the perfect bodies next to men with the perfect abs. But let’s face it, we don’t all have professional trainers or nutritionists that can monitor our meals. Never strive to be perfect. Change who you follow and who’s pictures you have on your wall. Celebrate role models who embrace their imperfections not hide them. Those who embrace their stretch marks, those who show off their cellulite, because being healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. Make your role model someone who has a great mediation routine or someone who talks about body positivity. Follow someone who is eating healthier and finding new ways to cook veggies into their meals that inspires you to try new recipes. These are the people who will teach you how to love and care for your body, not just showing off their toned legs.


3. Show Your Body Love

As much as you can exercise and eat right, you also need to take time to wind down and relax. Show your body some love by pampering yourself and getting some good rest in. You can pop some bath bombs in the tub, or indulge in a body scrub and really care for your body and your skin. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can switch to some aromatherapy to get your mind right to meditate or do some low impact yoga. It is just about getting in tune with your body and caring for it physically and mentally.


4. Don’t Judge Your Body


If you wouldn’t negatively critique someone you love, then you shouldn’t be doing it to your body either. Our harshest critics are always ourselves, so take the time to do some positive affirmations about your body. Instead of judging your body on its flaws and the things it can’t do, celebrate the things it can do and what is so beautiful about it. Look your strengths to empower and motivate what you might think is a weakness. Don’t put yourself down, pick yourself up. These positive exercises will instill a positive attitude towards your body, making your goals easier to accomplish.


5. Take Your Time

The biggest problem when it comes to our bodies is always wanting to change instantly. However, to change the way you see your body and learning to love and accept yourself takes time. Don’t rush it. Yes, a 30-day slim down plan may seem like the fast track to looking good, but there is no fast track plan for feeling good. Appearances are only temporary satisfactions, next thing you know there will be another part of your appearance you want to change. That’s not loving your body. Take your time to get to know your body. Learn what nourishes your body, what makes you feel good. Maybe cardio isn’t your thing and you feel better walking or hiking. Maybe smoothies are hard for you to swallow, so instead you make some quick nourishing snacks like granola bars, or fruit salads. If you haven’t worked out in a year, start by committing to 10 minutes of exercise a day, then increase it as you get used to it. Never over exert yourself or hold your body to impossible standards. Take it slow and do it right.




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