A Guilt-Free Guide To New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2016



Resolutions have become a rarity. Asking someone what’s on their list tends to end in a shrug or some profound message as to how we should act with conviction year-round. Maybe the lack of enthusiasm towards the old ritual comes from a fear of change or challenge, but the truth is, most of us tend to want renewal when we reach the end of the year. It’s a fusion of achievement and disappointment. We reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and what we wish we had (or hadn’t) done more of.


The new year brings opportunity to start fresh. So, push yourself just a smidge. Take a few minutes out of your day to write down what you really want out of 2017, who you want to be, how you want to feel, then make a plan of action. It doesn’t have to be the usual “eat healthy, go to the gym” hoo-ha that we all commit to by the first and rebel against by the fifteenth. It can be simple implementations. Ones that won’t regress into that daily grunt of dread. If you create routines that you actually enjoy, you’ll be delighted to find out that the results come naturally. We’ll start you off with a few struggle-free ideas to add a new layer of richness to your mind, body and spirit.



Don’t Mind If I Do

It’s easy to say you’ll start meditating every morning for 10 minutes. It’s also just as easy to sit in lotus on the cold floor and spend that time thinking about everything you have to do for the day, what you didn’t do yesterday, how you shouldn’t have ate that donut at work, what your teacher wore in 4th grade, why the lady at the cash register handed you change on top of the bills so it’s impossible to put the money back in your wallet without spilling pennies and dimes all over the counter, why beavers have such weird looking teeth... you know, the regular mind-wondering mumbo jumbo.

So instead of binding your legs into such a structured practice, do something that requires less effort. Add to the routine you already have, like putting a few drops of Signature Zen Essential Oil in your shower every morning to start your day tension-free. Or keep a $4 travel-size Cinnamon Essential Oil in your purse and sniff away to boost brain function before hitting a large work load. Whatever makes your mind move with focus and ease.



Let Your Body Talk

If you end up giving the 6am treadmill runners the side-eye, do a lot of little things that take less effort like parking further away to rack up some more strides or blasting a 90’s playlist on a Bluetooth Speaker Oil Diffuser when you get home to shake off the day and break a sweat. But it takes more than eating healthy and working out to get that flawless, filter-free photo. Healthy-looking skin and hair begins with being hydrated. Get in your daily water quota by drinking a tall glass first thing in the morning, then carrying a water bottle on you at all times to sip and refill throughout the day. Top off that natural glow with a daily application of Fractionated Coconut Oil and a weekly hair treatment. Boom, a bangin’ body from head to toe.



That’s The Spirit

Vitality. Without it, all becomes dull. You can look as good as you want, attain all the money you want, but if you aren’t full of life, what’s the point? Make your largest resolution to fill every day with positive energy that feeds your soul. The simplest way to do this is by allowing yourself to have fun. Sprinkle it throughout your schedule. Laugh at lunch, skip to the store, play in the park. Whatever lights your fire, do that and do it often.


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