Coachella Essentials

April 13, 2016

Prepare for Coachella the right way!  Here is a list of our must-have Coachella essentials to get you through the weekend.    

Coachella Essentials

Not sure what to pack for Coachella this year? Come prepared with these Coachella essentials to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Portable Phone Charger
You must face the inevitable; your phone will run out of battery life. That’s why it’s crucial to pack a portable phone charger! It’s important to keep your phone charged at all times because you never know when you’re going to need it. Whether it’s to call lost friends or an Uber at the end of the night, a portable phone charger is one of the most needed from our list of Coachella essentials.

Sunscreen (non-aerosol)
Coachella Essentials

You’ll be in the desert, so be smart and pack sunscreen. The sun is extremely hot in the California desert, so come prepared! Keep in mind, Coachella does not allow aerosol cans so make sure your sunscreen is a lotion, or just a facial stick. Don’t let the sun’s rays ruin your Coachella weekend with a sunburn? That would be a bummer!

Mini Water Misting Fan

Coachella Essentials

Aside from sunscreen, here is another way to beat the heat. To give yourself some relief, pack a mini water misting fan! It’s also a great pick-me-up when you feel drained from the heat. The water mist helps make you feel energized, refreshed, and ready to take on another day of music and dancing. Make sure when you bring one that it is empty! Coachella does not allow any outside food our beverages.


Coachella Essentials

You will have an unforgettable experience with all your friends as you enjoy watching your favorite artists perform on stage. To capture these moments, we recommend a GoPro. It’s the perfect camera to bring because it’s small, light, and it can record hours of footage. Make sure your Coachella memories last a lifetime!

Lip Balm

Coachella Essentials

The desert heat tends to dry out your skin, especially your lips. Pack your favorite, hydrating lip balm to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. We also recommend purchasing a lip balm with SPF in it so your lips won’t get burnt from the sun. It is very painful!

Fanny Pack

Coachella Essentials

A Coachella Essentials list is not complete without a fanny pack! The key to carrying all your stuff around during the festival is to have something small, convenient, and easy not to lose. A fanny pack fits that criteria perfectly! Snap it on around your waist and keep all your day essentials inside.


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