Everyday Straight Hairstyles

February 19, 2016

Your straight hair doesn’t have to be boring – turn it up a notch with these super cute straight hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion.

Whether you want to find a simple hairstyle for a quiet date night or for a fun night out on the town, take a look at these straight hairstyles that will fit any mood.

The Waterfall Braid   straight hairstyles   The waterfall braid is one of our favorite straight hairstyles. They are super flirty, as well as easy to do! Best for long hair, the waterfall braid can earn many admiring glances your way. It adds an elegant touch to your simple, straight hair. There are many different styles of waterfall braids such as side swept to double and triple braided. Choose your favorite by watching the tutorials here!     Ponytail   straight hairstyles   There are days where we want to spruce up our hair game by tying it up in something sweet and cute. Ponytails are perfect when you want to throw your hair up quick when you have to spend your day running errands. Ditch the regular ponytail and check out the different up-do styles for your straight hair. Whether it’s the double ponytail, the textured pony, or the three-tiered ponytail, these hairstyles will definitely catch attention. Check out these 21 tutorials here on how to master this look.     Part-Dutch, Part-Fishtail   straight hairstyles   One of the trickier straight hairstyles would have to be the Part-Dutch, Part-Fishtail style. But we promise, once you get the style down, we’ll promise you’ll love it! This works best on dirty, second-day hair so just simply apply dry shampoo to hair when you are ready to style. Considering this hairstyle is one of the tougher ones, check out this step-by-step tutorial that will help you practice this beautiful look.     Front Row Braid   straight hairstyles   We guarantee this hairstyle will attract people, coming up to you asking “how did you do that? It’s so cute!” This innocent, sweetheart front row braid is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re having brunch at your favorite café or you’re taking a trip to the beach, this hairstyle screams adorable! You can even style it in a ponytail. Check out the video tutorial here to get started!     Ombre   straight hairstyles   The ombre look is definitely one of the biggest beauty trends today and it’s at the top of our list for our favorite straight hairstyles! You can have short, medium, or long hair to master this beautiful look. Any two colors you choose to use, you’ll be sure to turn heads. From dark brown roots flowing to a flirty, light blonde, to smoky black fading into a romantic red, ombre has an endless variety of colors! Call your local beauty salon today to get the look everyone is talking about!

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