Fitness Tips and Tricks to Trim Down and Tone Up Anytime, Anywhere

July 20, 2016

Step up your swimsuit game and get fit fast anytime, anywhere with these fitness tips and tricks.  

Fitness Tips and Tricks to Trim Down and Tone Up Anytime, Anywhere

  fitness tips   No gym?  No problem! You can always fit in fitness – anytime, anywhere! Check out these excuse-proof, no-fail fitness tips and tricks to get your heart pumping and your body primed for swimsuit season.     Be a Stair Master   One of the many fitness tips you can always incorporate into your day is to opt for the staircase instead of the elevator.  You’ll be floored when you realize how many more butt-burning calories you’ll be torching when you step UP your game. All those extra steps will help shrink your waistline just in time for swimsuit season.   Ditch the VIP Parking   During daylight hours, try parking your car in the furthest, yet safest, spot available.  You’ll harness more tone-up and trim-down time, while getting some fresh air.  If you take the bus or subway, get off a few stops before your destination and power walk the rest of the way.   Fidget Your Way Fit   Some bad habits can also qualify as fitness tips worth trying. Channel your inner second-grader and feverishly fidget your way to flatter abs and sculpted legs. Studies have shown that occasionally fidgeting not only keeps the metabolic motor humming, but stimulates a sense of calm and relaxation.   Planks in the Park   Stack feet on a park bench, while keeping hands firmly planted on ground. Engage glutes, tummy, and legs, while holding position for twenty seconds.  Work up to a minute.  Boost the burn and use your obliques to alternate side-to-side overhead reaches.   Lunchtime Lunges and Break Time Burpees   Cash these fitness tips out during break!  Do some quick calorie-torching exercises, like lunch hour lunges, power walks, jumping jacks, air squats, and other do-anywhere moves.  When nature calls at the office, break out some calorie blasting burpees or some ski lunges!   Clean House   Be a domestic goddess (or god) and engage in light, household chores, while burning off calories.  Vacuuming, window-washing, dusting, or doing laundry to your fave tunes will tone you up, trim you down, and torch that Twinkie in no time.   Achieving feel-good fitness doesn’t have to be a grueling exercises.  You just got to know when to seize those exercise worthy moments using these simple, super-sculpting fitness tips and tricks and incorporating them into your everyday routine. Get moving!

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