Gift Ideas for the Working Woman

December 07, 2016


It’s the season of giving! It’s the time of the year where we hit the mall and begin to shop for our friends and family, rather than ourselves. But finding the perfect gift can be a little hard to do, especially when it comes to shopping for the working woman in your life. For that special lady who is always on the go, always has her nose in her laptop, conquering the world…what do you get her?

Luckily, we have that answer for you. Here are gift ideas for the working woman. Guarantee, one of these ideas will be perfect!  


Business Essentials with Flare

For that total boss of a babe in your life, you might want to steer away from getting her clothes if you aren’t sure what size she is or what particular style she likes. A safe choice that still adds a little flare to her daily work schedule is getting her some stylish work essentials. A new chic and sleek black leather laptop case to add some class and style to her everyday essential or a new set of leather notebooks to jot down her ideas and thoughts. A new tote bag for a quick and easy way to carry her paperwork on the go. Maybe a nice, upscale case for her phone or tablet so she can scan through her emails or take important calls while still showing a little bit of her taste. Any of these would aim to please any working woman!

Desk Essentials


A working woman’s desk is her sanctuary in the work space. It is where she starts her day and where she ends her day. She probably spends more time at her desk than she does at home! Which is why a great gift would be some desk essentials that reflect her own personal taste. Get her a new vintage inspired desk calendar or vintage print notepads for special memos. Some new noise cancelling headphones would also be a great gift to help tune out the noise from around the office so she can listen to her tunes or podcasts while getting work done. Or you can even put together an entire basket of super chic desk essentials that you find!


The Gift of Relaxation

I am sure your hard-working lady has a hard time getting herself to sit and relax. Make sure she takes some “me” time by giving her the gift of relaxation. An oil diffuser and essential oil set is the perfect gift for your woman on the go to sit and unwind. Let the aromatherapy work its magic by adding a few drops of lavender and letting the diffuser make the entire room smell fresh and fragrant. Can’t help but relax when your breathing that in! If she isn’t an aromatherapy enthusiast get her some body scrubs and bath bombs. She can treat her skin to some soothing exfoliation while relaxing in the tub over a glass of wine. Either one you choose, she will now have an excuse to have a relaxing night in.


Motivational Gifts


A woman who is a busy bee, spending all day at the office, or traveling, needs some motivation. Keep your boss lady mentally inspired by getting her some gifts that motivate her to keep up the hard work and always push forward. Is there someone she really looks up to? Or a new career venture she has been dying to take on? Get her some inspirational books on other women entrepreneurs or books on her craft that she hasn’t bought herself yet. If you want to splurge a little more, get her an e-reader where she can get endless amounts of books and magazine to keep her well-read and inspired on the go. If you want to get a little outside the box, get her some nice wall art that has her favorite quote or a quote from one of her heroes to see every day at work.


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