How to Get a Natural Makeup Look

May 05, 2016


Look fresh, flawless, and perfectly natural by capturing this natural makeup look.    

How to Get a Natural Makeup Look

  Natural Makeup Look   Put away the red lipstick and bring out the nude! We’re giving you tips on how to master a natural makeup look.    
  •         Moisturize
  •         Apply Concealer
  •         Apply Foundation
  •         Apply Bronzer
  •         Apply Eye Makeup
  •         Apply a Nude Lip

Natural Makeup Look Breakdown

  •         Before applying any makeup, it’s recommended to start with a clean slate. Remove any old makeup that may still be in your skin and cleanse the face. Once your face is feeling fresh and vibrant, it’s time to apply the moisturizer. A moisturizer gives skin its much-needed moisture and it helps lock in makeup for a flawless look. You can also use tinted moisturizer, if you’d prefer.
    Apply Concealer  
  •         If you have any dark circles under the eyes and/or blemishes, applying a concealer get that natural makeup look while also fading away those impurities. Make sure the concealer is the same color as your skin and do not apply to the entire face. Only focus on the blemish or dark circle(s) by applying a minimal amount to the area with your finger or a sponge.
  Apply Foundation  
  •         Which route should you go for a natural makeup look? Powder or liquid foundation? The answer, well you can actually go either route. The key is in the coverage. Go with a light-medium coverage so you can avoid that cakey makeup look.  A simple trick to help determine what shade you need is simply getting into natural light and testing different shades. Testing foundation in fluorescent lights may offset your skin tone. When applying to the face, be sure to blend it so it fits well with your skin tone. Do not stop at the edge of your face; this may create a line. Be sure to go underneath your jawline and blend well.
  Apply Bronzer  
  •         Get a natural glow by applying bronzer. It’s simple to apply – lightly brush the bronzer along your cheekbones. If it helps, make a fish face so you know where to apply it. Within minutes, you’ll have sun-kissed appearance!
  Apply Eye Makeup  
  •         Now it’s time to make your eyes pop! They key to getting that natural makeup look is to focus on earthy toned eye shadows and liners. Start by applying a brown or gray eyeliner pencil to the top of your lids. You can skip this step and apply mascara only instead. Do not use liquid or gel liner because this may look less natural. If you wish to awaken your eyes more, apply white liner to the corners of your eyes. Then apply a natural eyeshadow to the lids. Use browns and golds for a soft, subtle look.  Finally, apply a soft black mascara to your lashes. If you wish to follow a step-by-step tutorial, check it out here.
    Apply a Nude Lip  
  •         For the final piece, put on a nude lip. Your lips will be sure to pop with either a nude lipstick or even a nude gloss. Be careful when choosing a gloss, you do not want your lips to appear too shiny. A subtle nude lipstick or lip stain is  perfect to master a beautiful natural look. Check out the hottest nude lip colors here!

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Susan Harvey
Susan Harvey

October 31, 2016

What is the best moisturizer?

Susan Harvey
Susan Harvey

October 31, 2016

What is a carrier oil?

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