How to Get Skin Relief this Holiday Season

November 02, 2015

How to use nature’s all natural ingredients to get skin relief against this Holiday season’s drying weather.

How to Get Skin Relief this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is here. Prepare your stomachs for turkey, prepare your home for the Christmas tree, and prepare your skin for the harsh weather. Fall and winter are the harshest seasons for your skin. The low humidity, wind, and cold all dry out your skin making it hard for your skin to heal from any damage or outbreaks on your skin. That’s why many people turn to products that promise instant relief to skin. The problem is these fast acting products is they also contain chemicals, which can add further damage to your skin. If your skin is sensitive prone, it can cause a rash, or burning sensation, or worsen your skin irritation or outbreak. The best remedy to get skin relief this holiday season all comes from nature’s all natural ingredients.

Tea Tree

Since the 18th century, tea tree leaves have been a known remedy for some of the most problematic skin conditions.  Sailors from the southeast Australian coast would extract the tea tree oil from the leaves and export it commercially to other countries because of its powerful antiseptic properties. Along with its strong healing powers is its calming aroma used in aromatherapy.  Not only will your skin find relief but your body and mind will find relief as well. Tea Tree Oil works best to help treat:

  •         Rashes
  •         Ringworm
  •         Acne
  •         Skin Conditions (eczema)
  •         Sunburns
  •         Skin Irritations

Rosehip Seed

Rosehip Seed Oil comes from the seeds of Rosebushes as a beauty essential that was used by the Mayans, Native Americans, and Egyptians as a healing beauty ingredient. Today it is becoming a popular beauty secret to having a radiant complexion and healthy skin. Celebs like Miranda Kerr are avid users of Rosehip Seed oil, using it as an overnight skin moisturizer that beats the chemical based creams. The secret in Rosehip Seed Oil lies in its vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that work together to give you skin relief against:

  •         Eczema
  •         Acne scars
  •         Sun damage
  •         Dermatitis
  •         Dryness
  •         Redness
  •         Swelling

Aloe Vera

It is no secret that Aloe Vera is one of the best, natural ingredients to use for skin relief. Aloe Vera use dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians called it the ingredient of “immortality” because of its amazing results on the skin. Today we see Aloe Vera everywhere, in cosmetics, in juices, in hair care products, and of course in our Art Naturals Aloe Vera Gel. The reason why it is so great for your skin is due to its powerful antioxidants and Vitamin A, C, and E. These help heal and restore your skin, providing you with the skin relief you need against:

  •         Rashes
  •         Burns
  •         Eczema
  •         Insect Bites
  •         Stings
  •         Scrapes
  •         Dryness


Jojoba oil is a type of waxy substance extracted from the seeds and nuts of the jojoba plant. The jojoba plant is a shrub found in desert area climates. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that give your skin moisture without clogging your pores. Not only is it beneficial to your skin, but also to our hair and your body. The best uses for Jojoba Oil skin relief is for:

  •         Acne
  •         Sensitive skin
  •         Dryness
  •         Razor Bumps
  •         Redness
  •         Inflammation

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