How to Make Your Home Feel Happy

October 21, 2016



Your home should be your sanctuary. The place you can be fully yourself and come to after whirling around the busy world. Having a happy home isn’t only about the people in it, it’s about the little things collected along the way. The pieces that make you feel good whenever you see them. Each room should be authentically you and vibrate positive energy. This goes beyond Feng Shui.. this is Your Way! It takes a bit of effort, but doesn’t need to be done all at once. Overtime with detailed intention, your home will become a personality of its own and you’ll start to feel more inspired, motivated, happy, healthy, relaxed, comfortable and excited to “stay in”. Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way…





Mugs, mugs, mugs! Oh, and some other stuff too. But seriously, mugs are my favorite kitchenware to collect. The warmness between your hands on a cold morning or night is so soothing and a color or phrase on it that makes you smile when you see it sitting on your table is golden. Also, unique dishes in different designs will make your food feel so much richer. Put a bowl of fresh fruit on your table and a Nespresso machine on your counter. Dish towels in your favorite pattern and colorful sponges will give you and oomph. Use wicker baskets for utensils or napkins. A fun apron and an oven mitt will inspire you to cook and make you feel good when you eat.




I love to take candlelight baths with Epsom salt so I make sure to pick up some lovely smelling and looking candles when I’m at home good stores. In fact, my last two I got from Barnes and Noble and Anthropology were delicious. I also love to have cozy bath towels and comfy floor mats. The aim is to create a space that feels good. Put an inspiring image on your wall, something that feels light, fresh, natural and open. A yummy smelling hand soap is also essential and makes a world of a difference!





Remember, this is where we sleep. It seems so obvious but it’s crazy how many items we put in our room that make us “wired”. Your bedroom should say serenity. Soft curtains, calming images, maybe even an aromatic diffuser with your favorite essential oils. Picture frames with friends and family, a bookshelf with your favorite reads, and bedding that’s both comfortable and stylish. I recently just added a new painting to my wall and it really gave it life and I love seeing it first thing when I open my eyes. You can drape tapestry over your bed for a cozy feel or have comfy floor cushions or a big chair for sitting, reading, meditating or just hanging out.



Living Room

Think of the name.. “living” room. That’s pretty powerful in itself. So make it come alive! A super cozy couch is a must! Fill your TV stand with fun ornaments or lamps. Hang pictures on the wall that are vibrant and interesting. Lay out some magazines on the coffee table and a couple of coasters. Add some throw pillows and a soft blanket for cozy movie nights. If you have a dimmer switch or can get lamps with lighting control, change it throughout the day to set a perfect mood. Potted plants bring a fresh energy and give you something to take care of and watch grow.


Fill your whole house with fresh flowers or aromatic plug-ins. Every time you walk in the front door, your shoulders should instantly release of their tension and your lips should let out an “aaahhh”. Keeping your house clean by always putting away your clothes or items after you use them and washing your dishes regularly can clear your mind of clutter. Set your furniture in a way that makes life easier for you. For example, put a little table by your front door to drop your bag, keys and mail when you come in, or a hanger to place your coat. I find that having a lot of counter space in each room to unload my items from the day (even if that means adding Ikea shelves or cubbies) makes me feel at ease. All in all, you want your space to feel like YOU! Put effort into creating your happy home and it will come back to in abundance. Welcome home!

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