How to Prepare for a Cleanse

June 01, 2016

Don’t just jump into a cleanse, prepare for it! Read our tips on how to prepare for a cleanse.    

How to Prepare for a Cleanse

      how to prepare for a cleanse     When your goal is to get healthier, a cleanse is a great way to start. Shedding your body of all the toxins and built up fat will definitely jumpstart you in the right direction. However, before you get too excited and start making your list of fruits and veggies to buy, you have to prepare your body. Here are our tips on how to prepare for a cleanse.     Research   A cleanse is a great way to start getting healthier, but just because your buddy or someone else you read about did a juicing cleanse, doesn’t meant it will work for you. The best way to prepare for a cleanse is to research what kind of cleanse is right for you. There are many different types of cleanses. You can do a smoothie cleanse, a juicing cleanse, a colon cleanse or a liver cleanse. You can do a 3-day, a 5-day, a 10-day, or whatever amount of days you want. It all depends on what works better for you and your body. Do the research and chose the one that fits you best.   Budget   Now that you chose which cleanse you want to do, see if your bank account is on board as well. You don’t just have to prepare mentally, but you also have to prepare for a cleanse financially. Buying everything you need to start a cleanse can be expensive, but don’t let that discourage you. You can always alter and customize your cleanse to fit your budget or save up some money so you can spend the extra bucks.   Exercise   A cleanse does not excuse you from exercise. In fact, before you begin a cleanse you should be exercising regularly, or at least start to. Exercise helps your body prepare for a cleanse by reducing stress and anxiety, and burning calories so your body will take in the drastic change in diet more smoothly.   Eat Clean   Do not scarf down pizza or a cheeseburger the night before you cleanse. You risk a higher chance of not being able to finish your cleanse, and also increasing the amount of headaches and cravings throughout the day. Start eating clean now to prepare for a cleanse. Slowly take out the high calorie chips, fries, and fatty foods. Drink lots of water and herbal tea, and avoid the alcohol and coffee. Start incorporating lean meats and veggies and eat smaller portions. Follow all these steps and your cleanse will be set up for success!

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