How-To Reconnect with Family and Friends

November 28, 2016


As we grow and change, our lives take on new chapters and the people in our inner circle of friends and family slowly begin to transform. It is only natural. We all get lost in our different responsibilities. Maybe we move to a different city, maybe we take on a new career, have kids, get married, etc. Now your best friend becomes an acquaintance and your sister just becomes part of the many people on your Instagram newsfeed.

Life is full of crazy obstacles, new opportunities and challenges, but it’s important to not lose the relationships with those who are worth your time when the road ahead seems dark. In all the chaos, make some time to reconnect with family and close friends. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Reach Out

Don’t be the person who comments on a status post or nostalgic picture and say “we should totally catch up sometime” and never do. Make the call or send the text and be persistent and sincere. Make time out of your schedule compromise on accommodating each other’s schedule to get together. The goal here is to make it happen and not let it fall to the bottom of your priority list. If you had a fall out, or fight that left a rift between both of you, make a sincere effort to overlook the past and to try and start fresh. This is not about bringing up old battles, this is about rekindling relationships.


Go Somewhere Familiar

Reconnect with Family and Friends


Sometimes it may feel a little awkward meeting up with an old friend you used to be close to, or a cousin you grew up with and now you're both grown. To help ease the pressure to bond, go somewhere familiar. Maybe it’s the old restaurant that used to be your meet up spot in high school, or the mall where you used to go to as kids. Pick a place that feels comfortable for both of you. No need to go somewhere too fancy or too loud, you want this to be casual and a good atmosphere for conversation.


Catch up

Start the conversation by catching up on what has been going on since the last time you have seen each other. Maybe there is some good family gossip you have been out of loop about, or maybe there’s some crazy love life drama your friend has not shared with you just yet. Talk about what have you missed, what have they missed. Highlight the big events and go into detail on what they seem most interested in. You will notice the conversation flowing easier and before you know it you guys will start acting like you used to. Laughing at the same old jokes and sharing the same old interests or maybe even similar experiences.


Address the Issues

Reconnect with Family and Friends


If you had a big fight or fall out that negatively affected your relationship, now is the time to address it. Don’t leave the elephant in the room ignored, address the problem. This doesn’t mean proving how you were right, this means starting new. You both had a disagreement and now you will move on and leave it in the past. Grudges are unhealthy for the soul, and let’s face it, there’s more energy that goes into being upset then there is to letting go. It may be hard to put pride aside at first, but once you get over trying to cater to your ego, you will realize there is something more beautiful sitting in front of you; a lifelong friend. Nip it in the bud and start a new chapter in your relationship.


Do Something New Together

Take your sister that you just reconnected with out for brunch at a new hotspot, or go on a mini road trip to the beach with your newly reconnected friend. After all the chit chat and mending of any negative feelings, go and do something new. Make new memories. What’s great is now you have someone who knows you better than anyone else who you can call up to go do something that you both would enjoy. Use this as an excuse to get out of the house, to take a break from the everyday stressors. Your body and mind need the break to be healthier and more productive.


Reconnect with Family and Friends


When it comes to reconnecting with family or friends, you find yourself starting to feel like your old self. Of course, this doesn’t mean going backwards, but moving forward as a better version of you. When the road gets rocky or you face challenges or setbacks, it’s nice to have someone there who you can turn to who has seen you grow up. They give you a different perspective on yourself that you lack when you are facing the world alone. Take advantage of the relationships with people around you. Don’t lose them. The only way you are ever truly alone is if you push everyone away, so don’t!


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