How-to Take the Perfect Bath

February 15, 2017


When it comes to your health, taking time to de-stress and fully relax is crucial. The best way to fully unwind from head to toe is to take a bath. But not just any bath, the absolute perfect bath. Everything must be right. From the temperature of the water, to the atmosphere of the room. Everything must be set up properly to promote positive vibes and ultimate relaxation. Whether you are a beginner or a bath time connoisseur, here are our tips to taking the perfect bath!


1. Prep your Essentials

Get all your bath essentials ready before turning on that water. You want to make sure your tools are ready to go and easy for you to access while you are in the tub. The last thing you want is to fully be submerged in your warm water and realize that you forgot your glass of wine in the other room! Get a shower caddy or basket filled with everything you want to add in your bath and what to do while you are in the bath. That means reading material, music, a relaxing beverage, candles, your favorite body scrub, essential oils, bath bombs or anything else you see fit.


2. Get the Perfect Water Temperature


The goal here is to completely de-stress, which means a warm bath is essential. Warm water releases tension in your muscles and helps detox your body as well as your skin. When you start running the water make sure the temperature is hotter than you would like. If you start running the water just a little warm, then the bath is going to run cold by the time you get in. The trick is to run the water pretty hot (but not steaming hot) so by the time you enter the tub the water is warm enough and will stay warm.


3. Time for Your Bath Additives

Now that your bath is almost ¾ full, it’s time to add in your favorite bath additives. That means your favorite bath bomb, essential oil or bath salt. The best essential oil to add into your tub to de-stress would be lavender, bergamot or frankincense.


4. Set the Mood


Make sure the room is set to help you relax. Dim the lights, or if you don’t have a dimmer, light some candles and turn off any bright lights. Make sure the room isn’t cluttered or has any crazy mess around that could subconsciously drive you crazy. Turn on some of your favorite relaxing music and if you want, prep your glass of wine or hot tea of choice.


5. Time to Get In

Step into the tub and let your body soak in for a few minutes. Then begin to lather the rest of your skin. We recommend using a body scrub that will exfoliate and soothe your skin while you’re in the tub. For a full head to toe experience, apply a face mask!


6. Sit Back and Relax


Now it’s time to just relax. Soak in the tub and read your favorite magazine or book, listen to music, drink some wine or just close your eyes and focus on your breathing, maybe even some light meditation. The key is to clear your mind of any stressful thoughts so you can fully unwind. Recommended time to sit in the bath is 30 minutes.


7. Post Bath

Once you get out of the tub put on a comfortable robe and dry off. The hot water in the tub may dry out your skin, so apply some coconut oil on your body as you dry to retain moisture and still soothe your skin after getting out of the bat

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