Jojoba Oil Beauty Benefits

February 22, 2016

Jojoba oil is a natural life-saver when it comes to your hair and skin. Skip the chemical based products and stick to all natural jojoba oil. Read to see why you need to stock up on this beauty must have.

Forget the harsh chemicals in drugstore beauty products – enjoy the all-natural benefits of Jojoba oil. Extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant, here are some of the most popular benefits of Jojoba oil for your beauty regimen:  

  •         Moisturizer
  •         Acne fighter
  •         Scar and Stretch Mark Minimizer
  •         Controls hair loss
  •         Helps with dandruff 

Jojoba Oil Beauty Breakdown

Beauty products, such as soap, can strip the moisture right out of our skin, leaving us feeling cracked and dry. Using Jojoba oil in your skincare regimen, will give you a protective barrier that seals in moisture leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft throughout the day. You can use it during the morning before you apply makeup or you can apply it at night time right before bed so it absorbs fully overnight.

Acne Fighter
Acne develops when the hair follicles get blocked by the accumulation of dirt and oil. Jojoba oil is the perfect acne fighter as it works as a deep cleanser. It penetrates deep into the hair follicle, clearing out the difficult blockage. It also contains antibacterial properties where it controls bacteria on the skin and soothes irritated skin caused by acne.

Scar and Stretch Mark Minimizer
Jojoba oil is known for their vitamin E properties. By massaging the oil into the affected areas of the skin where visible scars and stretch marks appear, the vitamin E-rich oil speeds the healing process and helps scars fade over time. While healing the scars, it also soothes, moisturizes, and restores skin all at the same time.

Controls Hair Loss
Hair loss is completely normal throughout time, but don’t we all wish we could sustain all of our hair? You can control hair loss by using Jojoba oil which helps follicles grow new hair. It seeps into the follicles and clears up any blockage that is stopping new hair from growing.  One of the most popular methods is mixing in 1-2 drops of Jojoba oil with your preferred shampoo or conditioner. This is enough to protect hair strands from breaking and drying up.

Helps with Dandruff 
Dandruff is irritating to the scalp and embarrassing to many. Jojoba oil is naturally rich in zinc and selenium which are two minerals that aid in treating dandruff. Add jojoba oil to the scalp to help control dandruff.



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