Making “Me” Time

December 19, 2016

Making “Me” Time


Don’t wait until after the New Years to start making more time for yourself, start now! The holiday season is a time to spend quality time with family and friends, but it is also a time to spend some quality time with yourself. Especially if you had a crazy year. Taking some time alone with your own thoughts and simply doing something that makes you happy and relaxed is healthy. Here is how to get started making “me” time now!

Schedule it in!

Just like you would schedule in time for a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, schedule in time for yourself. This makes it official and more likely to happen than if you would just promise yourself you will find some time next week. Take a look at what you have planned for the week and conclude when a good time to pencil it in would be. Make it an end of day kind of activity, or dedicate one entire weekend to alone time! Either way that works out best for you, just do it and make sure no one and nothing will get in the way. This is a priority event!

Bye, Bye Social Media

Making “Me” Time


Turn off your phone and close your tab for Facebook and Twitter. Say goodbye to Instagram for the night, because it is time to mentally detox. Spending time scrolling through social media and reading group texts is not quality alone time. All of these are windows to the outside world that are going to distract you from spending time with your own thoughts and your own activities. Plus, let’s face it. You probably spend every day scrolling through your newsfeed anyways, so one or a few days without it won’t be so bad. Take this time to mentally take a break and block out all the noise.

Choose a Relaxing Activity

Now that you are alone and distraction free, it’s time to relax. This can be anything that you deem relaxing. Maybe it’s watching a romantic movie, treating yourself to a face mask facial, or maybe binge watching a show on Netflix over a glass of wine. Regardless, choose something that will have your mind and body unwind. You want to have yourself at ease to detox your body from any strenuous activity. It will feel so good just doing something that is simply done just to satisfy your needs.

Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure

Making “Me” Time


Treat yourself to your ultimate guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s watching hours of reality TV or eating a big serving of chocolate ice cream. The key here is to treat yourself to something you would only do when alone. Maybe even close the blinds, lock the doors, blast on your favorite songs and jam out in your underwear! It’s your time to let loose and be carefree. There is no pressure, there is no audience, you don’t have to impress anyone. Just be your ultimate self!


After having all your fun, take some time to reflect on the year. What is it that you accomplished, what didn’t you accomplish? Are you working towards any goals? How far are you towards your goals? Spending time alone can help you see things more clearly. Maybe you will realize it’s time to make a career change, or maybe you need to start making goals to reach this next coming year. Take out a piece of paper and write down a few goals for the year, or write it on a white board. Put it in a visible location where you will see it everyday and use it to motivate yourself!

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