Proper Instructions & Uses for a Hair Mask

April 22, 2016

To give you the best results, check out the proper instructions and uses for a hair mask before getting started.    

Proper Instructions & Uses for a Hair Mask  

  Your hair deals with a lot of damage causing it to become dry, brittle, and fragile. To repair and nourish it back to health, using a hair mask is the best way to go. This treatment works differently than a regular conditioner, so check out our tips before diving in:  
  •         Choose the right hair mask for you
  •         Benefits within minutes
  •         Proper instructions on how to use it
  •         Get to know Art Naturals moisturizing hair mask

The Hair Mask Breakdown

  hair mask     Choose the Right Hair Mask for You   No matter what type of hair you have, using a hair mask will definitely benefit your hair. If you like to be more specific on what type of hair mask to use, we have a few suggestions for you. To tame curly hair, it’s best to use a hair mask that have the ingredients: avocado, coconut, or argan oil. These natural ingredients help smooth out out-of-control curls. If you have frizzy or dry hair, use a hair mask that has keratin. Keratin is known to provide long-lasting moisture that keeps your hair soft and hydrated. For oily hair, use a mask that has clay ingredients. Clay has absorbent properties that suck up any oils or grease from hair.     Benefits Within Minutes   Using a hair mask comes with many added benefits. Most conditioners on the market today have toxic chemicals that could easily damage your hair. When switching to a hair mask, your hair will not be exposed to harmful ingredients and instead, will receive high quality ingredients that keep your hair soft and healthy. Hair masks are a great tool to add moisture if you are experiencing dry or brittle hair.  Also, if you have major split ends, hair masks have the properties of smoothing and mending frayed ends, as well as preventing any more damage. Hair masks also help fight against dandruff.   Proper Instructions on How to Use It   It is best to start with clean, damp hair. Before applying the hair mask, it is best to comb out any tangles. Start applying a generous amount to the hair by evenly distributing through the hair and scalp. Depending on what specific hair mask you are using, be sure to read the directions on how long it is recommended to keep it in. Some masks allow you to sleep overnight with it in, some only allow the hair mask to sit for a few minutes, and others allow it to be used in your hair all day without rinsing. If you have fine hair, it is best to focus on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair because it can easily be weighed down and could end up limp. It is recommended to leave the mask on for only 2-3 minutes. So again, be sure to read the instructions for proper care.   Get to Know Art Naturals Moisturizing Hair Mask   The best thing about our hair mask is that it can be used for all hair types! It is infused with high quality ingredients, such as Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera gel. These natural ingredients help deep condition your hair for healthier, softer hair. It is also infused with Keratin, so for those with frizzy, dry hair, our hair mask is the right fit for you. With all these ingredients combined, it helps to restore and repair hair that has been damaged and over-processed, returning hair back to its natural shine. 

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