Self-Tanner 101: Your Guide to Getting a Gorgeous, Faux Glow

July 13, 2016

Rock a fabulous faux glow with these self-tanning tips and tricks.  

Self-Tanner 101: Your Guide to Getting a Gorgeous, Faux Glow

  Rearview shot of a young surfer standing on the beachhttp://   It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to get your goddess-glow on! If your days of worshiping the Red Giant are long behind you and you’re taking the sun-smart route, we commend you. But, you’ll most likely still want to reap the beauty benefits of rocking a just back-from-the-beach bronzed glow. And, most self-tanning methods can reek of a bad reputation, not to mention the telltale, obnoxious odor, along with unsightly streaks. Self-tanning need not be intimidating. From the beach to the street, get your glow on and combat common slip-ups with this step-by-step tanning tutorial. Prep Time You’ll want to start with a fresh, clean slate. It is recommended you take care of the following as a before-bedtime tanning prep. Waking up to a beautiful tan makes mornings just that more worthwhile, plus it will guarantee you won’t come into contact with any water for at least 8 hours, which can inhibit full tanning development of the DHA on your skin. Be sure to wax and shave pertinent areas, including arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, etc, along with exfoliating skin of unwanted, dead surface cells. This ensures a deep, even application sans streaks. We recommend doing a dry brush ritual before you even hit the water. Take a long, bristled brush and gently massage skin in circular motions starting from feet and working up to shoulders. Then, hop in the shower and rinse away all the dull and deadness. Pretty Slick Oil-based shower creams and soaps are wonderful, but will kill even your self-tanning efforts because they leave a barrier on your skin that will impede the color development of the DHA ingredient in your self-tanner. Instead, use a gel-based cleanser to thoroughly cleanse skin. Barricade Against Bronzing Blunders Once duly bathed and exfoliated, you’re ready for application. But, first you need to add a blunder barrier cream or some simple petroleum jelly to areas you don’t want to absorb color, ie toe nails, elbows, tops of feet, and knees. This will create a slight barrier to those drier areas of skin, so skin doesn’t overdevelop. Be sure to cover hair with a shower cap, so as to not have any self-tanner adhere to hair. Also, now is the time to either don some latex gloves and/or use a tanning mitt and start the anticipated application process. Wear Your Birthday Suit Starting from tops of feet and working up to neck and face, apply a liberal amount of self-tanner and work in circular motions until fully absorbed. If the self-tanning product you’re using does not contain a color guide, aka bronzer, it will be hard to tell if you’ve got all areas aptly covered. If you need to apply a second coat just to be sure you won’t end up with self-inflicted “tan lines” in all different places, go for it. Now, let dry for at least 30 minutes before dressing or going to bed or touching ANYTHING. This is most fitting time to walk around in the buff without a care in the world. You’re doing it for beauty. No Trace Left Behind Unless you want your bed sheets to look like someone slid into first base, you’ll want to lay down some black or dark-colored sheets on your bed before hitting the hay. All self-tanner rubs off. Skin cells naturally flake off and exfoliate, taking the tanned color with it. Hence, why you often find the incriminating brown marks on clothes, towels, sheets, and even toilet seats! Also, apply some baby powder over back, under arms, and in the groin area to absorb perspiration. Cover toilet seats, chairs, and car seats with towels to prevent a telltale tanning trail wherever you go. Do not shower, swim, or come into contact with water for at least eight hours. Tan will continue to develop over two days and last a total of seven to ten days. If creating a buildable bronzed look is your thing, be sure to apply self-tanner every day to deepen color. Try Art Naturals SOLEIL Self-Tanning Lotion infused with skin-smoothing jojoba oil to keep skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Protect Your Assets Remember, there is usually no sun protection in most self-tanners, so you’ll still need to protect skin from damaging UV rays. Make it effortless, while keeping your newly bronzed “tans-formation” in-tact, with the ultimate ingenious sun care innovation, Art Naturals SOLEIL SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray. Simply spray and go wherever, whenever! Say goodbye to pale, white skin and hello to a red carpet-ready glow from head to tippy toe!

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