Spring Break Essentials

March 11, 2016

It’s almost that time again – spring break! Don’t forget these spring break essentials before you hit the beach.

Spring Break Essentials

  Your long-awaited break is almost here, and you need to make sure you have everything you need to make it worthwhile. Check out our list of spring break essentials to get you pumped and ready!   A Swimsuit spring break essentials   Of course you need a swimsuit during spring break – that’s a given! So before you hit the beach or the pool, be sure to pack a swimsuit that shows off that beach body you’ve been working hard on. The best part? Swimsuits are fun to shop for! You can choose between countless styles and prints, so be sure to choose a swimsuit that fits your style and showcases your confidence. Shop bathing suits here!     Sunglasses   No matter where you’re going, the sun will be out. To shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, be sure to do it in style. Sunglasses are another great add-on to your outfit that greatly reveals your personality. Choose from aviators, cat eyes, round, sport, and more! This is the last piece to customize your spring break look. Shop sunglasses here!     Sunscreen   spring break essentials   Don’t ruin your spring break by getting sunburnt – protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen. This is one of the most important spring break essentials to keep in your beach bag. Sunburn is irritating and sucks the moisture right out of your skin so it’s a must to stay moisturized and pain-free! Also, serious skin conditions can arise from sun exposure so be aware next time you decide to skip out on using this protective cream.   Cross-body Bag     Not only are cross-body bags one of the most popular beauty trends today, but it’s also a safe and effective way to keep your everyday essentials close to you at all times. Especially if you are traveling to a new place this spring break, it’s important to keep your wallet, cell phone, and other valuables secured by your side at all times. Plus, they’re super cute to add to your outfit no matter where the day takes you! To find several styles, shop for them here!     Deodorant spring break essentials Blunt, is the only way to put this – you don’t want to smell. Like most spring breaks, you will be out in the sun, catching some rays on the beach or maybe playing a competitive game of volleyball. It’s a natural thing when you start to develop sweat so it’s a must to include deodorant as one of your spring break essentials. Don’t turn people away with odor, I’m sure it’s not a pleasant feeling. Be sure to take a few minutes throughout your day to consecutively apply deodorant to avoid unwanted odors.   Waterproof Makeup   No one wants to come out of the water looking like raccoon with black rings around the eyes. Not attractive, right? Avoid this common issue by only applying waterproof makeup before you start your day. There are several brands that carry waterproof makeup so be sure to read the label correctly when shopping for your spring break makeup necessities. A little tip to keep in mind – be sure to check on your makeup during your bathroom breaks to make sure you are not smudging or if you need to re-apply.   Beach Bag     spring break essentials   To carry all of your spring break essentials, you need to make sure you bring a beach bag. Pack everything from water (be sure to stay hydrated all day!), snacks, makeup, sunscreen, beach towels, etc. It’s easy to forget things so throwing the stuff you need in one, large bag is the perfect way to stay organized throughout your spring break trip. It’s also an easy way to transport everything you need on one arm, while you have a beach chair on the other.

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