The Best Homemade Soap Recipes

January 07, 2016

Why spend money on fancy soaps when you can make your own at home? Here is our list of the Best Homemade Soap Recipes!

The Best Homemade Soap Recipes

  Bar soaps are becoming widely popular in the organic beauty community. Staying chemical free is the safest, best way to stay clean! For those of you wanting to dip your toes in the pool of creativity, don’t spend the money on bar soap, instead make some! Here is our list of the best homemade soap recipes.   Peppermint Charcoal Soap    698809f3f8dc2b4e84851f75714b3a09   This recipe is easy to follow and very aesthetically pleasing, people will find it hard to believe that it’s a homemade soap! Charcoal is an all natural ingredient that treats acne and removes blackheads, keeping your skin youthful and impurity free. Mix that with some Peppermint Oil, goat’s milk, and shea butter, and you have yourself an Instagram worthy soap.   Honey Lavender Soap   A delicious smelling handmade creation, Lavender Honey Soap.  Super simple and great for gift giving! This homemade soap recipe is simple, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Your second time is always a charm, or at least that’s what the blogger of this recipe says. If you love the smell of lavender then this recipe is for you!   Goat’s Milk Soap    0b746cf1381dcce719dcfb1c446bcbe8   This recipe uses a goat milk base with a nice scrub of pink Himalayan salt. The milk and scrub will keep your skin exfoliated and clean and left with a beautiful looking bar of soap. The process is easy and beginner friendly!   Winter Solstice Soap    18622744a795506eaf317d73aea7b65a   Christmas may be over, but Winter is still among us. This homemade soap is called Winter Solstice because of the darker color representing the shorter days and longer nights in winter. Clever right? The dark color in the soap is due to the use of Dead Sea Mud and Australians black clay. This recipe is a little more complex, so it is geared towards those advance soap homemakers, if you are a beginner feel free to take on the challenge!   Gemstone Soap  1c88a33575057e66fa846c8ed1da5ac1   This homemade soap recipe leaves you with a piece of art that just so happens to be soap. This is a super easy recipe to follow and comes in a subscription kit from Honestly WTF blog! You can order the kit and make it at home or buy the ingredients yourself! Whichever method you choose, this recipe is so worth trying out.

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