The Best Recipes for Vegan Sweets

January 20, 2016

Just because you are eating vegan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious desserts! Here is our list of the best recipes for vegan sweets via Pinterest!

The Best Recipes for Vegan Sweets

  When they average person thinks of eating vegan, they just think of a lot of restrictions on what you can’t eat. However, just because you have to stay away from certain ingredients, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the taste of a brownie or the comfort of an apple pie. All you do is adjust the recipe! To help you find the flavor in vegan, here is our list of the best recipes for Vegan Sweets. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these recipes.   Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream   MintIC22-650x975   Vegan sweets must have ice cream. Don’t let dairy be an obstacle, you can still indulge your palette with a creamy batch of ice cream. This recipe will show you how to make your own mint chocolate chip ice cream using pure coconut cream, fresh spinach, and peppermint. The pictures alone will keep your mouth watering!   Fudgy Brownies    Brownies1.5Words-650x975   The great thing about this vegan sweet treat recipe is that it does not use any beans. It is the cleanest brownie you will ever eat, while also keeping the moist, fudgy texture of any common brownie. It is definitely a must try recipe.   Lemon Doughnuts    IMG_8928W (1)   Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Especially when it’s vegan and doesn’t have the saturated fats and immense amounts of sugar like most doughnuts do. This leaner and more appealing vegan sweet recipe is actually the runner up for a Vegan Bakeoff. That means it must be good!   Blueberry Bliss Bars    Blueberry-Bliss-Bars-My-Whole-Food-Life   If you enjoy more fruity vegan sweets, than this recipe is definitely for you! This recipe uses creamed coconut and fresh blueberries for a quick 5 min dessert that will keep you wanting more.   Apple Pie    vegan-apple-pie-for-two-1000x1500   The classic dessert that is just heartbreaking to give up if you can’t have eggs or dairy, however this recipe follows the vegan diet. You can have the comfort of apple pie without the dairy. It’s a win-win!

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