The Health Hazards of Sitting Down

March 14, 2016

Do you have a job where it requires you to sit down all day? If so, it’s important to know the health hazards of sitting down.    

The Health Hazards of Sitting Down

  Do you have a nine to five? Are you a student who is constantly sitting down in class all day? If this is you, be aware of the health hazards of sitting down and learn what you can do to prevent it.   Kidney Disease   The Health Hazards of Sitting Down   Kidney disease is a condition where the kidneys aren’t able to properly filter blood, which can lead to waste build-up within the body and eventually kidney failure. A study of 5,650 people between the ages of 40 and 75, reported the amount of time they spent sitting and how much exercise they got every day. They found that women who cut their sitting from 8 hours to 3 hours a day, lowered their risk of kidney disease by 30%. However, with men, if they incorporate sitting AND exercising every day, they are able to offset the increased risk of kidney disease. So in this case, it is recommended for women to cut their sitting time in half while men can sit for a prolonged time, only if they incorporate exercise on a daily basis.   Diabetes   Diabetes is one of the few health hazards of sitting down. A study was done with 2,497 participants who had motion monitors strapped to themselves to test their glucose levels in their blood. It was shown that 22% of the participants increased their odds for type 2 diabetes and 39% increased their odds for metabolic syndrome when sitting down for 9 hours a day. So if you sit at your office all day, then come home to watch TV, your risk of type 2 diabetes is significant.     Obesity   The Health Hazards of Sitting Down   A lot of unhealthy behaviors tend to go along with sitting. For example, sitting to watch TV often includes eating unhealthy snacks. People tend to eat unhealthy snacks when they sit in front of the TV and that is one of the health hazards of sitting down. Next time you binge on Netflix, grab some fruit and veggies rather than pizza or chips. This will decrease your chance of serious health problems.   Ways to Prevent Sitting Down   In addition to working out and being active, it’s important to incorporate other little things daily to decrease the risk of serious health problems. An easy way to reverse the amount of time sitting each day is using a standing or height-adjustable desk. This may seem difficult at first, but eventually your body will adjust and it will feel more natural to stand throughout the day. Also, another way to help is taking a walk during your lunch break. If you have a few minutes left, take a stroll outside the office. This is a good way to not only stay active, but to feel refreshed before tackling the second part of your work day. Another tip when avoiding the health hazards of sitting down is taking the stairs. If your building has an elevator or escalator, it’s best to take the stairs. It’s ideal to incorporate more and more steps into your day every day.

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