Timeless Tips for the Timely-Challenged

July 06, 2016

Beat the clock and get anywhere on time with these timeless tips for the timely-challenged.    

Timeless Tips for the Timely-Challenged

    Timeless Tips for the Timely-Challenged   You incessantly swear (every day) you’ve set your trusty alarm clock to unwelcomely eject you from those comfy, cool 300 thread-count sheets at the most auspicious time, ensuring you’ll get exactly where you need to be at the exact time you’re supposed to be. Still, you find yourself apologizing for your unplanned, unrelenting tardiness, and feeling downright peeved by your own behavior. Well, running under the gun may not exactly be your fault, at least not entirely. According to author and nationally renowned time management expert, Diana DeLonzer, chronic lateness is surprisingly a pretty tough habit to break with much psychological plausibility at play. Her extensive research concluded the chronically tardy had deep psychological root causes linked to perception, adrenaline, and anxiety.  Who knew?  But, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. If you’re a professed timely-challenged individual desperately seeking recovery, now’s the, ahem, time to get on track and take back time.     Go to Bed, Already!   …and that means putting to bed all blue light-emitting, sleep-sucking electronics, i.e., smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.  Better yet, charge your phone in another room so you’re not constantly compelled to turn over and check daunting emails or mindlessly scan social media feeds.  If the mere thought of digitally detaching brings on a bout of hives or sends you into a mental meltdown, simply switch your phone to the blue light blocking screen (available on iOS). Now, lights out.     Factor in Transition Time   You must factor in parking, walking, parking and walking, feeding the meter, looking for coins to feed the meter, getting kids in the car AND securely strapped into their car seats, including unforeseen, untimely, and unplanned minor time-killing catastrophes (Last night’s chili decides to hit now?).  These seemingly small diversions surreptitiously throw off our estimates BIG TIME, leading to inevitable red light-cursing and imminent road rage, quite the norm for most timely-challenged. Don’t fall for it.  Factor it!     Grant Yourself a 10-20 Minute Buffer   Here’s where aptly arriving on time comes down to a science. If you estimate the time you’re supposed to be somewhere down to the precise minute, you leave zero margin for error. Got stuck in traffic? Late. Forgot to sign the newlywed couple-to-be’s card? Great. Because, now you’re late. Instead, give yourself at least a 10-20-minute buffer. For example, if a friend’s wedding commences at noon, plan on actually arriving at said place, while meticulously accounting for parking, walking, and finding your seat, all by at least 11:50 a. m.  See what happens.  It may turn out to be the happiest day of your life.     Forget the Frenzied Fast Forward Button   Don’t even consider, “I’ll just do everything faster.”  This never works for the timely-challenged (nor timely) and only sets you up for a very potentially disastrous outcome.  Snoozing through five alarms and attempting to speed race through your morning/afternoon/evening/whatever will only leave you frenzied, confused, stressed, and, well, late. If it means re-assessing and re-vamping your entire before-bedtime routine, then do it.  You should be sauntering through your day relaxed, focused, and un-stressed.  Need to go to bed earlier?  See aforementioned above for hacks on hitting the hay.   Want to become a total timely-challenged convert? Plan your entire week ahead on Sunday night.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and while your success rate most likely won’t skyrocket to 100% overnight, you’ll definitely make an impressive dent in your quest for punctual prowess with these time-challenged hacks.

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