Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

November 21, 2016

Holiday Travel


The holiday season is here! It’s time to take a break from work, school and all the other everyday stressors. We get to prep our bellies for delicious meals and prep our wardrobe for all the holiday parties. And of course, can’t leave out the fact that we finally get to catch up with all our loved ones and spend some quality time together. Before you cue the Christmas music and let all your troubles melt away, let’s not forget those of us who get to enjoy the “perks” of holiday travel.

That’s right, we are the lucky ones who wait in long airport lines, get stuck in insane holiday traffic, and if you are traveling in a party of more than one, you have the luxury of rushing everyone out the door with seconds left before you miss your flight. Overall, holiday travel can be a nightmare if you don’t prep for it the right way. To help ease some of your holiday travel woes, here are our best tips for making your holiday travel a stress-free one!

  • 1. Plan Ahead
  • If you are a free spirit who is prone to procrastination and spontaneity, this is the worst time of the year to let your lack of planning take over. The most important thing you can do when it comes to holiday travel is to plan ahead. Take the time to do your research on the best times to travel, the cheapest deals, the least traffic-prone route, etc. Be over informed, rather than guessing the different airline policies on carry-ons and luggage fees. Download travel apps on your phone to track traffic on the road or monitor delays in flights. This will eliminate any extra headaches that may come your way regarding your flight or drive to your destination.


  • 2. Come Prepped for Comfort

    Holiday Travel


    Whether you are alone or with the family for your holiday travel, it’s important to come prepped with everything you need for a comfortable flight. Don’t look at that neck pillow, blanket, or ear plugs as unnecessary things to pack. You could have a screaming kid behind you or an extra chilly cabin and you will thank the heavens that you decided to bring those items along with you. Don’t leave these items as last minute purchases at the airport. You will find yourself paying double for something you could have gotten on sale at the store closer to home.


  • 3. Bring Snacks

    Even though the anxiety of flying and the rush of getting to your destination may hinder your appetite, still come packed with snacks to prevent any spouts of hunger ruining your holiday travel. Bring some granola bars, nuts, chips, or crackers to help fight any hunger that may make your mood go from calm to extremely grumpy in the blink of an eye. Not only will you save money on airplane and airport food, but you will also have a satisfied, happy tummy.


  • 4. Pack Smart

    Holiday Travel


    I know it’s easier said than done, but do not overpack for your holiday travel. Whether you are driving or flying, you don’t need the extra hassle of carrying around an insane amount of luggage you don’t really need with you. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Don’t bring 5 choices for one party. Also, keep any meds, liquids, important documents, or small gifts in your carry-on, just in case your luggage gets lost. It is ideal that you ship all your gifts ahead of time. In some cases you may need to have your gifts inspected by TSA, and they will tear right through your wrapping.


  • 5. Stay Positive  

    Let’s face it, you can strictly abide by these holiday travel tips and still have some big mishap occur. It’s natural. The holidays will never be executed perfectly, there will be some stress and anxiety that occurs. However, the best thing to do is stay positive. Think of the end goal; getting to your loved ones. That’s what the holidays are about. So, no matter what happens to you, take a deep breath, shake it off and don’t lose your holiday spirit!



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