What is Stopping Your Hair Growth?

January 09, 2017


Let’s face it. It would be a dream to have naturally long, voluminous hair. It would mean no need for hair extensions or special powders! If you have bought all the right products and taken all the right hair growth vitamins and still see lack luster results, there may be more going on beneath your scalp that is hindering your hair growth!

Here are some causes for slow hair growth:


Not Enough Protein

Your diet affects more than your weight. What you eat reflects on the health of your skin and hair as well! When it comes to wanting to grow more voluminous hair, a lack of healthy proteins in your diet could be slowing your hair growth down exponentially. Some proteins that are known to jumpstart hair growth are eggs, lean red meat, turkey, beans, and fish. Get cooking and see how your hair reaps the benefits!


Stress and Anxiety


I know, life can be very stressful. Being tight on money, finding a job, balancing school and work, or even being a parent at home can take a toll on you emotionally. Stress can cause so many different health problems, including hair loss. If you have been high strung due to stress and anxiety, make sure you find time to unwind. Make it a habit out of your day to take some time to relax so you can cope with your stress and not bottle it up. That way, your health doesn’t suffer and your head can still grow luscious locks!



If you have been hitting the gym non-stop to hit your goal weight this year, make sure you are taking the time to nourish your body right. Losing a lot of weight can stunt hair growth and cause fallout, even if the weight loss is good for you. It is all about balance. Stay active, but keep pumping nutrients in your body so you have enough energy and vitamins to keep your hair growing while burning those calories!




We get it, styling your hair is important. Not all of us have been blessed like Beyoncé, and just wake up looking fabulous, however you do need to be wary of overstyling your hair. If you want to have that Beyoncé volume in your hair, you must make sure you don’t overdo it when it comes to styling. Overusing heat styling products, wearing tight braids or buns and using harsh chemicals in your hair can absolutely slow your hair growth. Let your hair breath by limiting heat styling and using products to protect your hair from hot tools. Also avoid braids that are too tight in order to decrease fallout.


Keep in mind, just because you may not have ultra-voluminous hair, or if you are having a hard time growing your hair into long, luscious mermaid locks, hair comes in all different types. Sometimes it’s thin, sometimes it’s thick, and most of the time we are never satisfied. However, keeping your hair healthy and stimulating hair growth all comes down to your health inside and out. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals, stick to natural ingredient based shampoos and of course take care of your body. If you keep healthy, everything else (hair, skin, weight) will fall into place!







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