What to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016



Thanksgiving is here once again! We prep our bellies for a delicious feast and reflect on how our year has gone. We look back on all the events that happened in our lives since the last time we sat with family or friends at this Thanksgiving table and analyze whether things have gotten better or worse. We look at our accomplishments, our setbacks, our physique, our finances, and conclude that this year was either a winner or was one that we would hate to repeat.

Although Thanksgiving may have originated from a not so happy set of events involving pilgrims and Indians, one thing we can appreciate is that this holiday has turned into something beautiful. It is now a time where we all take the time to look at our successes and failures and remind ourselves of what we are grateful for. If your year was not so great, or maybe you’re not in such a great place as you were last year, here are some things to be thankful for.


The Lessons


It may seem a little cliché or even just cheesy, but with every coming year comes new lessons. Good or bad, we all learn something. Whether you ended a relationship, lost a job, got into financial troubles, or just lost your way, there is something that you have learned. Every loss comes with a gain and every mistake comes with a lesson. After all it’s the series of unfortunate events in our lives that really shape who we are. Those are the ones that push us, challenge us, test our abilities mentally and physically. The way we overcome them is what truly defines us. Don’t let the misfortune overshadow your lesson. Reflect on them over your plate of turkey and be grateful for them.


Our Setbacks

Let’s face it, no year is ever perfect. There will always be something that makes us feel like we are going backwards rather than forwards. Maybe you didn’t get that job promotion, maybe you moved back in with the parents, or maybe you gained the weight back after you worked so hard to lose. Although you might want to mark it down as a failure, mark it down as a bump in the road. Just because you fell, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. If anything, these setbacks can reveal something you would have never seen before. Maybe that promotion you didn’t get made you think about a career change, maybe that move back in with the parents reminds you of the quality time you missed out with the family. Our setbacks may taste bitter, but what they do bring is a change of perspective. It stops us in our tracks and makes us question our next steps with a little more thought than we would have if everything was going our way.


The People


As the year goes by, we come across many new faces, make new relationships and even end some relationships. Regardless of whether these people made a negative or positive impact on our lives they all came into our lives for a reason. Be grateful for the people who made you laugh, for the people who love you, for those who even when you are completely down, can help you get back up. For those who may have left negatively in your life, be grateful for the lessons they taught you that helped make you stronger. Take this time to tell the ones you love that you love them, and let your friends know that you appreciate them.


What Makes You Happy

The goal of the year is to be happy. That is what really matters. Whether that’s an established career, a new relationship, or an amazing opportunity; all in all you want to be happy. Your happiness is a big indication of your success. Take the time and figure out what truly makes you happy. It can be the little things like watching your favorite movies, reading your favorite book, hiking, or going to the beach. If you feel like you had an unhappy year, take this time to promise yourself that you will dedicate more time to make yourself happy. Start that blog that you have been wanting to start, go on that trip that you keep putting off, be grateful for the little things and use that to accomplish a bigger goal. Take this time to really focus on bringing that positivity back in your life and you will see how everything else will start falling into place.


Thanksgiving is about being grateful. Good or bad, be grateful. Appreciate the things and the people around you and keep that embedded in your head when the world tries to bring you down.


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