Why Organic Skincare?

January 29, 2016

Go green with Organic Skincare! Organic Skincare has so many more benefits than just being better for your skin. Ditch those harmful skincare products and read more about why organic skincare is better!

Why Organic Skincare?

  Organic Skincare is extremely beneficial to your skin’s health. Your skin is your largest body organ. It is constantly changing and growing. More and more companies are putting harmful, dangerous chemicals into their skincare products that can cause long term damage to skin. Organic skincare is the safest, most effective solution to your skin’s needs. Plus, Organic Skincare has more benefits than just nourished skin.  

Organic Skincare Benefits

Organic Skincare So what does organic mean exactly? The USDA states that the goal of organic products is to “integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.” With that being said, organic skincare contains plant-based ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides. Applying these chemicals to your face and body can be very dangerous. These ingredients are used in industrial manufacturing processes to clean industrial equipment, stabilize pesticides, and grease gears. Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? The effects are even scarier resulting in breast cancer, asthma, skin dermatitis, attention deficit disorder, type 2 diabetes, birth defects, behavioral issues, skin allergies, and many more! To name a few, here is a list of ingredients to avoid in skincare products:
  • Parabens
  • Dioxin
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Fragrance/Parfum
  • Silicone-derived emollients
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  It’s Great for the Environment   Want to leave a carbon footprint? This is done by ditching your harmful skincare products and converting to all natural, organic skincare! Organic products reduce the amount of toxic pesticides leased upon the Earth, other beauty products do not. Do you ever think about where your empty skincare bottle goes when you toss it in the garbage? Most beauty products contain strong plastic so once it ends up in a landfill, it could take hundreds of years to break down! This causes an unsafe environment for everyone and everything.  Chemicals in cosmetics and skincare products cause genetic mutation in aquatic life, alone with altered behavior and growth in many different species. Thankfully, organic skincare products contain recycled packaging and soy-based inks resulting in a cleaner, much safer environment.   Make the Switch!   It’s important to treat your body as if it were a temple. Organic Skincare not only safer, but since it contains all natural products, it works so much better. It nourishes your skin and lasts all day with the added benefit of not clogging pores. It’s also great on sensitive skin and it does wonders when it is irritated. So do your body a favor and switch to organic skincare!

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