BYRDIE.COM (Visitors per month: 886,860): The Argan Oil Hair Mask was featured, with photography, in a review on Amazon’s highest-rated beauty products.
"Disclaimer: I generally hate hair masks. I feel like they weigh down my hair, leaving me with absolutely no volume to work with—I just can't get behind them. Conditioner suits me just fine, so why spend more money and take more time to throw a mask in the mix? It's just not my cup of tea.
"I've remained a curmudgeon about masks for years. That is, until I recently tried the Art Naturals Argan Oil Mask. First, it's only $13, and second, it had thousands of rave reviews on Amazon. Once it arrived, I peeled the top back and gave it a good whiff (like I do with all hair products). I was in ecstasy—this stuff smells good.
"The directions instruct you to let the mask soak in for five to seven minutes, but it doesn't mention rinsing. In order to avoid that post-mask weigh-down, I rinsed it out after shampooing (focusing only from the mid-length down), combed and blow-dried my hair, and felt shocked. My hair looked amazing, felt totally silky, and didn't look flat or stringy. The next day was the same thing—shiny, soft strands with no helmet hair in sight. I'm sold." — Lindsey Metrus, managing editor



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