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Transform the quality of your home and office space into a pleasantly fragranced environment with our Standard Cool Mist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Choose between 7 color LED lights and two modes of mist. The classic natural wood finish makes it a perfect complement with any style of decor. Improve your health, increase energy, sleep better and breathe easier with this easy to use device.

Size: It is approximately 5½ ” wide x 4” tall and holds 100ml of water. This size diffuser can infuse an office or bedroom with beautiful scent. This will run for 3 hours on continuous mist and up to 5 hours on timed mode. It will automatically shut down when water runs out.

Air Flow: If you are using your diffuser by open windows or doors, it will not be as effective.

Safety: Always keep device on a flat surface. Keep DC Connector dry before connecting. Keep device away from heat-emitting devices such as a stove, heater, or electric burner. Always operate in a well ventilated area. If you are using essential oils around children, pets, or pregnant women, please make sure they are safe to use prior to diffusing. Keep out of reach of children when in operation.

Components: The Standard diffuser comes with the diffuser device, 100ml measuring cup and a power cord.

How to Set Up Essential Oil Diffuser: Place on a flat surface. Rotate the top of the diffuser counter clockwise and lift the lid off. Lift the tank cap off. Fill the measuring cup to 100ml and fill tank. Add 5-6 drops of the essential oils of your choice. Replace the tank cap, place lid back on and rotate clockwise to lock in place. Plug one end of the power cord into the bottom of the diffuser and the other end into an outlet. Press the Top gray button to start.

How to Adjust the Standard Cool Mist Timer: Press the Top gray button once to start diffusing in timed mode (the diffuser will turn on for 3 minutes and then off for 1). Press the Top gray button twice to start diffusing in continuous mode. Press the Top gray button three times to turn the device off.

How to Adjust the 7 Color LED Lights: The alternating 7 Color LED lights will automatically come on when unit is turned on. Press the Bottom gray button to stop on a fixed color. Keep pressing Bottom button to scroll through the colors, or choose to turn all lights off.

How to Clean and Maintain: Use a wet cloth and a small amount of dish soap to wipe the tank down. Use a small amount of clean water and cloth to rinse and wipe down until soap is gone. Use a dry cloth to wipe the tank dry. Store in a well ventilated place when not in use. Disconnect from power supply when not in use. Always keep the tank dry when not in use.

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