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Faq Face Masks
How many artnaturals Face Shields are included in a pack?

Each pack of artnaturals Face Shield includes 10 high-quality, clear face shields with a wrap around design.

Can I wear my eye glasses with an artnaturals face shield?

Yes, artnaturals face shields have more than enough space to wear glasses and even a face mask.

For extra safety, can I wear a face mask under my artnaturals face shield?

Yes, there is plenty of space to wear a face mask under artnaturals face shields.

Will the artnaturals face shield fog up?

No, artnaturals face shields are made with anti-fog materials for optimal clear vision.

How many layers is the artnaturals Face Mask?
How many artnaturals disposable face masks come in a box?

artnatruals disposable face masks are available in packs of 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 masks.

Are artnaturals face masks medical grade?

artnaturals face masks are non-medical grade. They are designed for general protective use.

Can I reuse my artnaturals disposable face mask?

artnaturals disposable face masks are designed for one use only. Please discard after using.

Do artnaturals disposable face masks meet CDC recommendations?
Does artnaturals have protective face masks for kids?
Does artnaturals only make disposable face masks?

No, artnaturals also make reusable masks made from cotton.

Where are artnaturals reusable face masks made?

artnaturals protective reusable face masks are made in the USA.

Are artnaturals reusable face masks machine washable?


Stay healthy and hygienic while you shield yourself from germs and pollution with our 3-layer disposable face mask set. Always have a mask on hand in the car, and while doing errands, so you’ll stay protected on the go, wherever you go.


As a major part of the artnaturals mission, our packaging is designed and produced to be as eco-friendly as possible. All packaging is BPA free, made from recycled materials whenever possible, and created to be recyclable. We are also committed to shipping products in the most sustainable, least-waste method possible, all in line with its dedication to conscious consumers, who expect no less from the companies they purchase from.

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