"We never use artificial flavors or fillers because the best oils are truly simple."

Fresh basil leaves.
+ Basil oil, derived from the plant’s leaves, helps to alleviate stress, and is also used in skin, hair and massage products to tone and shine.
Fresh-cut bergamot fruit.
+ Clean-scented Bergamot oil helps uplift mood, and can deodorize and disinfect.
Whole cardamom pods.
+ Calming Cardamom oil is warming and refreshing, and blends well with other oils.
Pinecones from a cedarwood tree.
+ Woodsy, earthy Cedarwood oil is comforting, and is often added to hair products to enhance radiance.
Fresh cinnamon leaves.
+ Musky, yet astringent Cinnamon Leaf oil can help disinfect, and added to warm water, makes an excellent foot soak.
Cinnamon Leaf
Cinnamon sticks.
+ Famously spicy Cinnamon oil helps fight fatigue, and is a natural deodorizer when used in a diffuser.
Citronella leaves.
+ Insects are known to dislike the smell of Citronella oil, and it’s also used in skin products as a rejuvenator.
Whole dried cloves.
+ Deeply spicy Clove oil is often used in dental care, and its relaxing scent in aromatherapy products.
Raw cotton.
+ Cottonseed oil is considered high in antioxidants and Vitamin E.
Cypress plant stem and leaves.
+ Cleansing cypress oil’s woodsy scent can help reduce stress. It’s also a natural deodorant.
Fresh eucalyptus leaves.
+ Distilled since 1788, the powerful, menthol aroma of Eucalyptus oil helps clear the mind and increase concentration. The scent also soothes exhaustion, and is used to ease breathing.
Needles from a fir tree.
+ Outdoorsy-scented Fir Needle oil is believed to have tonic and detoxing properties, and is also used to fight body odor.
Fir Needle

Raw, unprocessed frankincense.
+ Comforting Frankincense oil relaxes and soothes, and its scent is warm and enticing.
Fresh ginger root.
+ Often used in massage oil to boost circulation, Ginger oil’s powerful scent is also believed to suppress nausea.
Fresh-cut grapefruit.
+ Tart-scented Grapefruit oil is known as a super air freshener and natural disinfectant.
Laurel leaves.
+ Camphor and spice combine with fruit and floral in Laurel Leaf oil, which when used in a diffuser helps open up breathing.
Laurel Leaf
A small bundle of lavender flowers.
+ Lavender oil has been used for ages to calm and relax. Its charming floral scent is ideal for diffuser use, or add a few drops in skin, hair and cleaning products.
Fresh lemon slice with leaves and spiral-cut peel.
+ Sharply sweet, the tangy fragrance of Lemon oil brings the sunshine in. Lemon oil has disinfectant and detoxing power, and is ideal in a carrier oil as a furniture polish.
Whole, fresh lemongrass plants.
+ Uplifting and lemony, the scent of Lemongrass oil helps ease fatigue, and insects are known to dislike its fragrance.
Fresh lime fruits.
+ The sweetly revitalizing scent of Lime Oil soothes mood, and, like other citrus oils, it has disinfectant and deodorizing properties.
Fresh marjoram.
+ A garden-gathered favorite, herbal Marjoram oil is popular used in massage oil to ease muscle tension.
Unprocessed myrrh resin.
+ Its use dating back thousands of years, Myrrh oil has a smoky-sweet fragrance, which, when diffused, helps sooth and focus.
Fresh orange with spiral-cut peel.
+ The bright scent of Orange oil helps cleanse a room’s atmosphere, and it’s often added to skincare products to deep cleanse.
Patchouli leaves.
+ Rich and intense, earthy Patchouli oil is often used in perfumes and bodycare products.
Fresh peppermint leaves.
+ Cool and invigorating, Peppermint oil’s scent eases fatigue, and assists in alertness. Used in massage oil, it helps ease aches.
Whole pine needles.
+ The clean, fresh smell of a mountain pine forest is evoked by Pine Needle oil. Its use in a diffuser is believed to ease breathing.
Pine Needle
Fresh rosemary.
+ Another gift from the garden, Rosemary oil’s bold, herbal fragrance is believed to encourage mental clarity and energize.
Fresh sage leaves.
+ Sage oil’s strong, but appealing, fragrance has been used for centuries to clarify and cleanse. The oil is used in skincare products for the same purpose.
Unpeeled tangerine with leaf and single segment of fruit.
+ Sweet, mild, and citrusy, Tangerine oil’s aroma refreshes and eases. It is comforting and soothes stress.
Fresh tea tree leaves.
+ Fresh and powerful, Tea Tree oil used in a diffuser brightens the room’s air. A few drops in skin or hair products bump up detoxing and deodorizing.
Tea Tree
Wintergreen leaves and berries.
+ Used in massage oil, Wintergreen oil helps ease discomfort in muscles and joints. Its cheerful fragrance uplifts and freshens.
Yellow ylang ylang flower.
+ Richly romantic and floral, the scent of Ylang Ylang oil is a favorite in bath and massage products.
Ylang Ylang
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