Rose Hydrosol 8 Oz

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For a rosy outlook on life, all you need is one spray of our sweet rose hydrosol crafted from Bulgarian roses. Infused with a naturally romantic scent you’ll love, it’s the perfect facial toner or aromatic body mist you can use at home or on the go.
  • Gentle on skin and hair
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Aromatic benefits
Much gentler than essential oils, hydrosols, also known as “flower waters,” are made up of the condensate left from the steam distilled plants during the process of extracting essential oil. Despite being far less concentrated than the essential oil, Lavender hydrosol posses just as many aromatherapy and topical benefits. Because hydrosols do not need to be diluted, you can use them directly on the skin as a hydrating toner, body mist, or add it to other bath and body products to give them a new, fresh lavender scent. When using this spray, the sensual aroma from the Lavender Hydrosol will soothe the body, quiet the mind, and center the energy in the room.
More Information
Ingredients"Water, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil "
How to Use"Spritz in any room to use as an air freshener or spray on countertops to refresh and purify. Lightly mist clothing or bedding to refresh. Give your hair and scalp a gentle deep cleanse before jumping in the shower or add ¼ -½ cup to a warm bath for a soothing aromatic experience. Lightly mist face to use as a toner after washing with your favorite face wash. *Keep stored in a refrigerator* "
What it doesfreshens and purifies
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