Questions About Essential Oils

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances that are naturally found in a variety of plant materials like, seeds, citrus peels, roots, bark, wood, resins, flowers, and leaves. They are volatile because the uniquely complex molecules that compose them can easily change from a physical form into vapors that are detectable by our sense of smell. To extract them, steam is used to gently draw the oils out of the plant material, during a process called Steam distillation. History shows that essential oils have been used for centuries as a form of herbal healing and beautification, and today they may be used to effectively support mind-body wellness.

Are your oils organic?

All of our oils come directly from plants. 

Where are your oils sourced?

We source our oils from multiple countries around the world to ensure the best possible quality. We indicate the place of origin on each bottle of our oils, and on the listing page.

How are your oils made?

Two methods of extraction are used to extract essential oils:

Steam distillation, a system that uses gentle heat to extract the volatile aromatic components from plants.

Cold expression/press (for citrus only), a system that uses pressure to squeeze essential oils from citrus peels.

Can your oils be taken internally?

We do not recommend ingesting any essential oil unless under the guidance of an experienced and qualified herbalist or aromatherapist. Essential oils are composed of hundreds of different kinds of molecules, that have the potential to harm our digestive lining. We believe the most effective way to benefit from using essential oils is: 1) by applying them to the skin when properly diluted with a carrier like our Jojoba oil, or 2) when they are incorporated into the formulas of body and hair care products, or 3) by using them in a diffuser.

Are your oils safe to use on animals?

SOME essential oils can be used, however, oils such as Tea Tree and Lemongrass are EXTREMELY TOXIC for pets. We recommend speaking to your veterinarian before using ANY essential oils with your furry friend!

How do I use your oils?

The best way to use essential oils is by blending them into carrier oils or into unscented body care products, like gels, creams, and cleansers and then applying that blend to your skin. In this method of delivery, the skin will absorb some of the essential oil molecules, while at the same time your nose will detect the aroma and sends signals to the emotional center of your brain. One of our favorite ways to get an immediate experience of the essential oil is to drop one drop in the center of your palm, rub your hands vigorously together, and hold the palms of your hands near your nose and slowly inhale.

Another effective way to use essential oils is by adding them to a diffuser, like our Bluetooth Oil Diffuser. This method of diffusing, or vaporizing, the essential oils, is immediately detected by our sense of smell and can have remarkable effect on our state of mind.

What are the benefits of using essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for centuries and in many cultures for beauty, atmospheric and health purposes. When mixed with a carrier oil, essential oils can be used in therapeutic massage, to help reduce the symptoms of headaches, sinus pain, and muscles soreness and tension, diminish swelling and inflammation from injury and arthritis, and to help calm and soothe nervous feelings. Essential oils are a vital ingredient in many hair and skin care products because of their rejuvenating and reinvigorating properties. Used with a diffuser, the volatile essential oil molecules are properly vaporized, without altering their therapeutic properties, and can effectively scent a room, office or entire home. This can be calming and serene, or energizing and stimulating, depending on the oils used. There has been a great deal of research showing how scent can affect our unconscious mind, emotions and memory and as studies continue to demonstrate how stress can impact our health, essential oils have long been seen as a natural and pure way to increase wellness and wellbeing.

Do your oils come with a dropper?

Yes, our 4-oz. bottles come with droppers, and our travel-size bottles have droppers built in.

What is a carrier oil?

Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are pressed from nuts, seeds and some fruits, like olive and avocado. The cold pressing, or expeller pressed, process squeezes out the fatty (lipid) molecules from the plant material and on their own contain a rich array of health benefits . We blend these vegetable oils with essential oils to more effectively deliver the therapeutic properties of the essential oils into the body. They are called “carrier” oils because they actually help “carry” these molecules more effectively by combining with the oils our own skin produces.

pressed from the fatty portions of the plant, which help dilute and enhance essential oils, so you can obtain the very best benefits. Carrier oils can also have their own therapeutic properties, which enhance the properties of the oils they are blended with.

Does each set of essential oil come with a carrier oil?

Our essential oil sets do not come with a carrier oil, but we sell multiple carrier oils for use with them. If you are unsure which carrier oil to choose, our customer service department will gladly help you pick the perfect oil for you.

What is the dilution ratio if I want to use your oils on my skin?

 aromatherapy dilution rate chart

Credit: Amy Galper - Executive Director of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy

Can your oils be used during pregnancy and on children?

Regarding Pregnancy:

All essential oils should be used with caution if pregnant, and we strongly recommend to always consult with your physician before use. Our general guidelines are as follows:

First trimester: In general, they are safe to use if they are already present in formulated products like shampoos or lotions, but we’d recommend limiting the use of topical application and making sure that if you are using them that they are at a very low dilution, between .5%-1%. However, diffusing essential oils during pregnancy, or even just sniffing a bottle, can provide great relief from symptoms like stomach upset and fatigue.

Regarding Children:

Essential oils are wonderful to use with children. Our recommendation would be to avoid using them with infants up to 6-8 months old, and then follow our dilution guidelines above. Since children’s skin and lungs are still developing, just make sure you are using very low dilutions .5%-1%, and always blending down in a carrier oil, and if using a diffuser, make sure the room is well ventilated, and the diffuser is on a timer.

Oils to avoid with children or pregnant:









What are the general safety concerns when using your oils?

Used as directed, do not ingest, our essential oils are extremely safe, however, we recommend visiting our safety information link to answer any questions you may have about their use. 


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