Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner 12 fl oz / 355 ml

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  • For deeply damaged, over-processed, and color-treated hair.
  • Restores manageability and enhances shine.
  • Aloe soothes dry hair and scalp.
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Seal in maximum moisture for silky-soft tresses with our lightweight Shea Avocado & Lychee Leave-In Conditioner. Ultra hydrating leave-in hair conditioner contains Aloe to soothe dry hair and scalp while restoring vibrancy.

  • Shea Butter:

  • Plant Part Used: Nut

  • Botanical Name: Vitellaria Paradoxa

  • Family: Sapotaceae Origin: Africa

  • Method: Roasted and Milled

  • Avocado:

  • Plant Part Used: Bark and Seeds

  • Botanical Name: Persea americana

  • Family: Lauraceae

  • Origin: South Central Mexico

  • Method: Cold pressed

  • Lychee:

  • Plant Part Used: Fruit

  • Botanical Name: Litchi Chinesis

  • Family: Sapindaceae

  • Origin: China

  • Method: Extraction

After hair is freshly washed and conditioned, apply a quarter-size amount of Leave-In Conditioner and comb through from root to tip. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

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"After the first use, I would admit, my hair's texture was improved. However, the smell of this product is horrible!!! It reminds me of the smell of a salon permanent....very strong!! I first noticed it when I went to my Yoga class. As I heated up, the aroma about keeled me over. It is a shame, but I cannot get past the smell. I cannot even sleep with the smell in my hair. "

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Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner