Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser

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We’ve combined the warm, comforting glow of an authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp, with the blissful, soothing scent of an aromatherapy diffuser that can help clean the air. Illuminate your space with soft, natural light and beautiful, botanical scent for the ultimate relaxation in your Om Sweet Home!
"Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with five light settings. Choose from one or three hour mist settings with auto shut off. Diffuser lamp includes a 120ml water tank and two halogen bulbs. Great for air purification when used with certain essential oils."
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Scent your days and light your nights with our unique Himalayan Salt Lamp. The benefits of our 2-in-1 relaxation innovation are endless. You’ll be comforted and calmed by a warm, natural glow and eased into deep, scented sleep. Double your therapeutic benefits and breathe in soothing, essential scents, while you bask in a natural glow. Our Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with one or three hour mist settings, two halogen bulbs, and your choice of five light level settings. Perfect for adding a touch of Zen anywhere in your home.
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How to Use"

1. Install halogen light bulb, and replace Himalyan salt rock crystal before plugging in.

2. Place your Himalayan salt lamp diffuser on a flat surface at least 2 feet off the floor and 4
inches away from the wall. DO NOT place it on wooden furniture that can be
damaged by water.

3. Keep water away from the salt rock. To keep the salt dry, keep the light on
while diffusing. 

What it doesMellow your mood with soothing scent and the warm glow of a Pink Salt Lamp.
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