Luxe Purple Collection

Luxe Purple Collection
Faq Luxe Purple Collection
What makes the "Luxe" products different from artnaturals regular skin and hair products?

Though both artnaturals lines are all-natural. We incorporate additional exotic ingredients to our luxe line such as saffron and geranium to elevate them from alternative hair and skincare products. The products in our LUXE hair care line contain the perfect blend of luxurious and natural ingredients. Each line has been carefully curated to synergize each product, allowing you to simply adopt a whole new hair and skincare routine while maximizing its effectiveness.

Does artnaturals Luxe Purple Shampoo and Conditioner contain parabens or sulfates?

artnaturals Luxe Purple Shampoo and Luxe Purple Conditioner are paraben-free and sulfate-free.

Why should I use artnaturals Luxe Purple Collection?

You should use artnaturals Luxe Purple Collection because it is specifically formulated to naturally protect, balance and tone bleached, Blonde, Silver and color-treated hair.

What Purple Can Do for Your Hair Care Routine

You love your blonde or silver tresses, but sometimes the color fades or looks brassy. artnaturals Purple Line is specifically formulated to naturally protect, balance and tone bleached, Blonde, Silver and color-treated hair. Start off by guarding golden locks and silver shades from dull, brassy tones with the specially formulated Purple Shampoo, which utilizes softening coconut oil and powerful purple pigments to rejuvenate and restore color, balance, and tone to color-treated hair, resulting in a fresh from the salon radiant shine. Our deeply nourishing Purple Conditioner is formulated to boost blonde tones and soften silver strands without a trip to the salon. This richly hydrating and emollient coconut oil-infused conditioner uses the power of purple pigments to tone down brassy yellows that dull your hair, resulting in a shiny, balanced, and bright tone. Finally, our brightening Purple Hair Mask gives delicate blonde tones an extra dose of plant-based pampering. This rejuvenating hair mask is infused with brightening purple pigments to shine your silver and brighten your blonde, while hydrating jojoba oil nourishes hair with a super-boost of coconut oils and botanical extracts, leaving hair bright and shimmery.
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