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Men's Body Wash
Men's Body Wash
Stop stealing her body wash and get one manly enough to take on your dry skin.
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Beard Wash
Beard Wash
Give your beard grooming ritual a boost with our manly botanical wash.
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Beard Conditioner
Beard Conditioner
Daily Conditioning for Facial Hair
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Smooth Touch Aftershave
Smooth Touch Aftershave
Soothe your freshly shaved skin and with silkening, softening botanicals.
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Beard and Stache Oil
Beard and Stache Oil
Take your stache and beard grooming to next level natural and shine on.
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Beard & Stache Balm
Beard & Stache Balm
Don’t wait till Movember to buff up your stache and beard, do it daily.
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The Modern Man’s Grooming Routine

artnaturals understands that what modern men want in their personal care and grooming supplies are products that fit seamlessly into, and comfortably support their busy lifestyles at an attainable price point. Those same grooming products should also leave more time for them to be productive, so they can do more of what they enjoy.  

The Natural Way    

What we offer is something natural—naturally-infused products that give expression to, and enhance the modern man’s natural good looks. From natural hair care, skin care, and grooming, the men’s collection of products infused with skin and hair-enhancing natural ingredients such as Argan, Tea Tree, Grapeseed, and Avocado Oils are tailor-made to meet the needs of the every-man who seek success.   

Men’s Natural Hair Care

Men want to look and feel good too, but spending more than a few minutes on a very involved grooming routine simply isn’t an option. Made with 100% natural ingredients, our 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner solves the issue of so very little time because it combines the benefits of a shampoo and a conditioner into one simple step, never sacrificing quality and overall effectiveness. As an added benefit, when used, this hair product shortens showers, so you save time and water, all the while sustaining natural resources and reducing your ecological footprint.

Ideal for people with dry scalp, damaged hair, dandruff, and stress-related baldness, our Shampoo and Conditioner is blended with deeply-penetrating and hydrating Avocado, Babussa, and Brazil Nut Oils, which promote hair health, helps stimulate hair growth, and eliminates odor, unlike other products, which are are used for short-term treatments and only mask odor, often stripping the hair and scalp of natural oils and nutrients. Our combined shampoo and conditioner contains monounsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids, is rich in Vitamin E, C, and A, and is comprised of a host of minerals (such as zinc, selenium, calcium, and magnesium) - all cooling on the scalp, and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth, ensuring a day filled with unmeasurable confidence.  

Hair Styling Paste

In a world where well-managed hair emanates professionalism, our high-quality Hair Paste fits right into men’s daily hair styling needs helping you maintain the shape and shine of your hair, further enhancing his presentability. Made with natural tea tree oil, our hair styling paste is a highly absorbable oil that helps you easily style your hair, promotes hair growth, its antioxidant properties helps protect hair from the elements, and helps prevent itchiness and dryness.

Men’s Body Care

Pure and Natural Body Wash

Our Pure and Natural Body Wash is made with aloe, shea butter, and cocoa butter, ingredients that not only hydrate, moisturize, and cleanse your body, but also medicate your skin. Aloe Vera is great for strengthening and maintaining the elasticity of your skin, helping to combat aging skin. Additionally, aloe vera has cooling and soothing properties that help reduce inflammation.  

Ideal for men with dry skin, the ingredients in our body wash are not only moisturizing, it has a natural mild scent that conveys masculinity. The ingredients in our Body Wash have deep cleansing properties that are long-lasting power, so you feel clean and deodorized throughout the day.  

Men’s Beard Care and Grooming

We pride ourselves most on infusing only the best in natural ingredients in our many products, including our men’s ever-growing grooming collection at a price that just makes sense. Our other grooming products include:  

Our Beard & Stache Balm is blended with Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Sweet Orange Oils, and Beeswax, all combined help to deeply nourish, soften, add shine, and control beard hair. It also removes any itching and irritation by moisturizing the skin beneath the facial hair.

Our Beard and Stache Oil rejuvenates and preserves the youthful shine of your facial hair. It makes your facial hair smooth and easy to manipulate, and the combination of oils and vitamin E helps to clean pores and eliminate acne. It is easy to use and requires no rinsing.

Enriched with Avocado Oil, our Beard Conditioner also contains Aloe Leaf, Tea Tree, and Jojoba Oil, ingredients that moisturize and soften facial hair and skin. Investing a little time every day to style and soften your beard will help you look younger and will improve your comfort and confidence—and it will not go unnoticed.

Made with a combination of natural oils and extracts, our Men’s Shaving Cream helps to naturally exfoliate dead skin to prevent ingrown hairs, and softens and  moisturizes skin.

We take pride in our men’s collection of grooming products. Our products elevate today’s man daily personal care routine with the addition of made-from-nature, high-performing ingredients, and gives him the confidence to move through his busy life with ease.