Oil Diffusers

The Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser

Tired of breaking the bank on overpriced spa trips? Let artnaturals bring the spa to you. A state-of-the-art artnaturals essential oil diffuser can transform your home or office space into a tranquil oasis.

You can listen to a selection of soothing sounds (some essential oil diffusers include built in recordings), play music (with a bluetooth adapter) or simply let the soft trickle of mist lull you into indulgent relaxation as 7 LED lights change in calming rotation. Style selection varies in colors, models and sizes (including, 150ml, 400ml, and 300ml capacity tanks), in order to complement your decor layout.

Pick and choose from our wide array of products in order to get the perfect essential oil diffuser and aromatherapy oils (sold in sets and sold separately) for your own personal paradise.

How to Use Our Diffusers

Simple to use, fill your essential oil diffuser with water up to the line, then add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil (or mix two together); gradually work up to 5-7 drops. Consider the oil’s aroma before placing the essential oil diffuser in an area of the home.

For instance, you may want to diffuse invigorating cinnamon leaf or grapefruit in the kitchen, while you may choose lavender for the restroom or the living room. For versatile everyday oil, try our steam-distilled tea tree oil. It has an aroma similar to that of eucalyptus with hints of pine, and will diffuse nicely in all parts of the house.

For those just starting their aromatherapy journey, artnaturals has bundles of essential oils and diffusers to help you get started.