12 Essential Oils Recipes to enjoy with your family

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Thousands of people are discovering the incredible power of essential oils for relaxation, rejuvenation, intimacy, and much more. Each essential oil has unique effects and by mixing different essential oils in your essential oil diffuser or in a topical application, you can create unlimited number of personal combinations to suit any mood or occasion.

These are 12 of the most popular and effective essential oil recipes.

1. All-natural citrus essential oils cleaning solution - 2 parts Pine Tree, 2 parts Lemon, 1 part Tangerine

This is an awesome trick to use in any room that produces a lot of smells, including your kitchen, bathroom, or kids’ rooms - many people love the clean and refreshing smell of citrus and pine, but don’t like to use those harsh chemical cleaners in their homes. So instead, simply add a few drops of pine tree, lemon, and tangerine oils to plain old hot water, along with a mild, unscented soap.

2. Rest and relaxation essential oils combination for a diffuser - 2 parts Lavender, 1 part Bergamot

This combination is of oils is especially great for families and children. Some families put lavender and bergamot in the diffuser at home in the evenings, especially if the kids are feeling restless around bedtime.

These oils are known to have calming properties. The aroma of lavender and bergamot will quickly fill a room with relaxing tones and relieve tension, perfect for use in a diffuser at home in the evening.

3. Stomach soothing essential oils bath - 1 part Cinnamon Leaf, 1 part Grapefruit in your shower or bath

This is a great home remedy if you're feeling sick or nauseous: add two drops each of cinnamon leaf oil and grapefruit oil to your evening bath before bed.

For many people, oils like cinnamon leaf oil and grapefruit oil are some of the best ways to soothe aching stomachs, or to deal with nausea and other digestive problems. The combination of cinnamon leaf oil and grapefruit oil can soothe and renew the entire body, and even help the body boost its defense systems to fend off infections.

4. Focus and centered essential oils combination for a diffuser - 1 part Lavender, 1 part Frankincense, 1 part Patchouli

Here is a combination to use at work or at home when you're feeling distracted or when you really need to focus on a task - a few drops of lavender, frankincense, and patchouli in your diffuser.

Oils like these were used thousands of years ago by many different types of scholars and even religious leaders. Many believed the oils would unleash the brain or give us more clarity and focus.

5. Outdoor protection essential oil spritz - 3 parts Lemongrass, 1 part Eucalyptus, 1 part Cinnamon Leaf

The ingredients in many of those expensive, all-natural bug sprays are essential oils. Lemongrass, eucalyptus, and cinnamon leaf are some of the most effective, diluted with water and caster oil to spray on your clothes before spending time outdoors.

The evidence suggests that some bugs are repelled by the scent of certain oils. An added bonus is that these scents keep you smelling fresh if you’re sweating outside.

6. Immune defense essential oils for a diffuser - 2 parts Tea Tree, 1 part Pine Tree, 1 part Sweet Orange

During the winter months, your immune system needs as much help as it can get. That’s why you should add tea tree oil, pine tree oil, and sweet orange oil to your diffuser - it helps you breath easier and fend off the sinus and lung infections that are common this time of year.

Several oils are recognized for their powerful ability boost the immune system and even relieve the symptoms of common cold-weather illnesses like respiratory infections.

7. Sexy and sensual essential oils fragrance - 2 parts Lavender, 1 part Bergamot, 1 part Patchouli

Try setting aside a few lotions for special occasions, each with a different combination of oils meant for romance and intimacy, such as sweet orange, bergamot, and patchouli.

The subtle aroma of certain oils is known to make people feel more at ease. Many cultures throughout history have believed these oils can be aphrodisiacs.

8. Air freshener essential oil combination for a diffuser - 2 parts Lemon, 2 parts Eucalyptus, 1 part Lime

Add citrus oils like lemon and lime, along with eucalyptus oil, to your diffuser to freshen up dusty or stuffy areas of your home. It’s cheaper and safer than chemical sprays and open-flame candles, plus the effects last all day - it neutralizes the bad smells and everyone breathes easier.

9. Healthy skin and hair essential oils beauty treatment - 1 part Tangerine, 1 part Lavender, 1 part Frankincense

People are saving a ton of money on hair and beauty products by using oils, instead of all those expensive creams and applications. Add tangerine, lavender, and frankincense to your regular lotion and conditioner, and then you can get rid of most of your other skin care products.

Many oils have the ability to moisturize and protect your skin and hair, especially if you’re dealing with cold weather or dry air.

10. Digestive protection essential oils for a diffuser - 2 parts Peppermint, 1 part Lemongrass

For many people, the holiday season means family and a lot of food - big holiday meals and lots of sugary snacks that you don’t eat on a regular basis throughout the year. That takes a toll on your digestive system, so you can use peppermint and lemongrass oils in your diffuser as a remedy.

These oils can help many people with nausea and other stomach ailments, providing calming and soothing relief quickly throughout a room.

11. Soreness relief essential oils solution - 1 part Peppermint, 1 part Rosemary

A great fix when soreness is to add peppermint and rosemary oils to lotion. Right after a strenuous workout, rub the oil and lotion on your arms and legs to help keep them loose and fend off soreness.

The aroma of some oils is known to relax the mind and body, plus applying them topically may even help to improve blood circulation and make inflamed muscles feel more comfortable.

12. Energizing essential oils shower - 2 parts Tea Tree, 1 part Eucalyptus

Add tea tree and eucalyptus oil to your morning shower to help clear your head and jump-start your muscles before the work day.




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